Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Recent DVD Purchases

Director's Series Vol. 6: Work of Director Anton Corbijn © 2005
Comments: Part of a great new series about music video directors. Anton's videos are always beautiful and you know what a fan of the eyecandy I am! Favorite videos by: Depeche Mode, Nirvana, U2, Dr. Mabuse, Echo and The Bunnymen, Henry Rollins, The Killers. One of those great must-have DVDs for your collection. Great to put on during a party and let it work its magic.
Gladiators 7/Invincible Gladiator © 1962/1964
Comments: I'm a sucker for the cheesy, oiled-up hunk/sword 'n sandals movies. Eyecandy.
Moon of the Wolf/Prisoner In the Middle © 1972/1977
Comments: I love the made-for-TV movies of the 70's (not to mention the ones about werewolves!), so naturally I had to have this one. You can't beat it for $1 (Family Dollar store)
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law: Volume 1 © 2000
Comments: God, I love this show! If you've never seen it, here's a quick synopsis: Harvey Birdman, the superhero formerly known as Birdman, is now practicing (and dimwitted) lawyer. His cases always involve legal disputes between cartoon chracters. Past cases involve custody of Jonny Quest, a copyright infringement case between the Chan Clan and Jabberjaw, and Fred Flintstone's possible mob connections. SUCH an ingenious way to breathe new life into old Hanna Barbera classic cartoons! Check it out!!
In Dreams © 1999
Comments: I saw this one in the theaters. I remember coming out being a little disappointed with the actual movie itself, but visually, it was beautiful and surreal. Totally worth it for the visuals. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Robert Downey, Jr. is one of the stars. ROWR! He purty!
The New Three Stooges: 2 Hours of Cartoons © 1965
Comments: Another dollar store DVD. I'm a cartoon-lover, so this was a no-brainer.
Devour © 2005
Comments: One word: Jensen Ackles. DAMN! He's beautiful. He's from here in Dallas, too. Weird. Movie is stinky, but it was cheap and he looks good, so it all balances out.
Eulogy © 2004
Comments: I've been wanting to see this movie forever, so when I saw the 4 for $20 special, this one was a shoe in. Debra Winger is fuckin' hilarious as the neurotic shrew! And even Ray Romano, who I O.D.'ed on a lonnnnng time ago (not everyone loves Raymond!), made me laugh. And of course, Piper Laurie is great, as usual and Jesse Bradford is always a cutie. Funny movie.
Fantastic 4 © 2005
Comments: I bought his for the eyecandy: Chris Evans (whose character I hated in this movie, BTW) and Julian McMahon ROWR! It was "okay," but I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I'm gonna have to take my friend Nathan's stance on the Marvel movies from now on: approach with caution.
Happy Endings © 2005
Comments: I haven't seen this one yet, but I sooo wanted to when it was at the theater. Love Lisa Kudrow and Bobby Cannavale is a GOD! Double ROWR! I'm sorta putting this one off because it also co-stars Tom Arnold (who I HATE) and Maggie Gyllenhaal, whose face irks me for some reason. Her brother (Jake) is so hot, though! Genetics are weird.
Tom & Jerry and Friends: 2 Hours of Cartoons © 40's-60's
Comments: More dollar store cartoons!
Highwaymen © 2003
Comments: Another cheapie that I bought instead of rented. Looks promising. The trailer stressed me out, so I bet it's a good one.
Surviving Christmas © 2004
Comments: Pure eyecandy: Ben Affleck That's about it. Otherwise, zero interest (plus, it was cheap).
Rabid © 1977
Comments: My friend Nathan gave me this DVD recently (as well as the next 5 on this list), and I have to admit I have always wanted to see it...but haven't. It looks like it will stress me out! Cronenberg's movies are always so fuckin' weird. I'm gonna watch this one with the lights on!
Dog Day Afternoon © 1975
Comments: I must be the only male with a penis who doesn't get an erection over Al Pacino movies. Maybe it's a straight guy thing. I don't necessarily dislike him, I'm just indifferent. If he made more movies with premises I was interested in (i.e. Serpico, Cruising, Author! Author!, Heat, Dick Tracy, The Devil's Advocate, And Justice For All), I'd see more of his movies.

I haven't seen this one, but it's considered a "classic" by straight men en masse, so I'll give it a shot. Heck, maybe I'll even be motivated to watch my Godfather trilogy or rent Scarface and finish it this time. Who knows!
Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland © 1989
Comments: I won 1 and 2, so now I officially own the trilogy. Fun 80's slasher flick, though the sequels were nowhere near as fun as the one that started them all! The original Sleepway Camp has one of my all-time favorite movie posters. Great!
Da Ali G Show: Season 1 © 2000
Comments: This show had me cracking UP the first time Nathan let me borrow it. Can't wait to watch it all over again. Ali G is great!
Pyscho IV: The Beginning © 1990
Comments: I remember what a big deal this was when it premiered on one of the movie channels (it was originally a made-for-cable movie). I forget if it was HBO or Showtime, but I remember the anticipation! Olivia Hussey is always great, so it was cool to see her in something scary again (i.e. Black Christmas, The Cat and the Canary)!
Zombie 4 © 1988
Comments: I am so not a zombie movie fan, but when one of my friends pointed out that gay porn star (legend?) Jeff Stryker (pictured) was in this movie, naturally I had to see it for myself. It was just too weird for me to see him in a real movie with an actual plot and stuff. I remember what a big deal (no pun intended) he was back in the late 80's, early 90's (and still is to his fans, I'm sure), so I rented one of his "instructional videos" ack int he early 90's. Eh. It was okay. To be honest, even though he is known for his "endowment," (which, personally, I could so not care any less about) I was much more interested in his face and bod. He had some great pecs "back in the day," and a sexy, pouty mouth. MWAH! I also have to say, he has a DYNAMITE voice. SO friggin' deep 'n sexy! I do love that about him. However, he's lookin' mighty haggard these day (you would too if you fucked for a living), yet he's still workin' his mojo for his fans...I suppose. Sorry folks, but it's all about Zeb Atlas now. Lol! What, me fickle? Surely you jest!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Hey, How About a Nice Hawaiian Punch?

This weekend I got to thinking about the whole "Boys should never hits girls" rule. I dunno why. I know that personally, I've never had any second thoughts about it. I've always contended that if push came to shove, I'd do it. Now before you start thinking "Why, Kirk, you brute!" let me explain. I'm not saying that I condone spouse abuse, etc. Lord knows TV's Cops has made domestic violence a household name. What I'm referring to is if some chick was being a complete psycho for whatever reason, fully knowing that she's a woman, and that men don't hit women, so she's all over you scratching, throwing things, outta control. As a last resort, if you can't bow out of the situation without a confrontation and it came down to it, would you sock her one in order to defend yourself?

Now I've seen movies where women have done things to men and the men just "turn the other cheek" all in the name of being dashing and whatnot. I also have experienced plenty of women who start shit they can't (or rather, won't) finish, then sic their boyfriend/husband on you to finish what they started, which I personally think is total bullshit. I remember one time, when I was working at a video store and some woman came in and had some sort of problem, I told her what I could (or couldn't) do for her and she got irate, went and got her husband out of the car and sent him in to take her place in the bitch department. Nothing changed. I told him the exact same thing I told her. That shit just don't work with me. Bullying may have worked when I was a kid, but it don't even work with me now. I can be just as stubborn a prick as the next person. Mature, I know.

When men hit women (regardless if it's in self defense), they have to deal with the whole judgmental thing from others who weren't in the situation. Yet, when women hit men, it's 'cause they're "tough" or upset and we're taught as a society to make allowances.

So, I pose this question more to the men out there than to the women: Would you stand let a woman scratch, hit, throw things, etc. without retaliation, or would you clock her one? This is more of a society mores thing than a legal one, so let's not get too bogged down with the legal ramifications. Of course, the women out there (the majority of my readers) are welcome to comment as well. It's all hypothetical anyway. I realize it's a weird topic, but I'm just curious.

Friday, January 27, 2006

And Then There's Seul Boy

I'm proud to (finally!) announce the grand opening of my new online store today, Seul Boy!! It's located on the CafePress site and there's a little something there for just about everyone: All-occasion cards, blank books/journals, T-shirts, Calendars, Stickers and more! Heck, there's even a thong or two! It was either this or go back to selling Grit magazine!

Here's a sampling of my card section:

I've been wanting to do this for such a long time, so needless to say I'm excited. My main focus is on the greeting cards section since I'd like to eventually expand into that market on the local level. I never see the kind of stuff I want to see in any of the stores around here, so I decided to take things into my own hands. And naturally, all my cards are kitschariffic and fun, so it's fun for me to create them!

I've created some assorted link buttons should you be interested in linking to my store:

The URL you link to is: http://www.cafepress.com/seulboy

If you ever need to contact me in regards to the store, e-mail me at: seulboy@aol.com. I'd like to keep the blog and the store completely separate entities and this should help. And naturally, I've added a button in my sidebar, should you ever forget the URL.

CafePress is currently running a few specials:

• Jan 20 - Feb. 3
Free Super Saver Shipping* on order over $50

• Feb. 4 - Feb. 14
$5 off $50- CODE: CUPID5
$10 off $100- CODE: CUPID10
* Domestic shipping only

Now go check it out. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Dose of Reality

A Woman Never Forgets the Man Who Remembers

Just 19 more shopping days until Valentine's Day. Also, even though the ad says "Sunday," Valentine's Day actually falls on a Tuesday this year. FYI. BTW, I like caramels.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Last week I saw an interesting news piece on CNN about how undocumented students, here in Texas, not only qualify for financial aid, but also get to pay in-state tuition. What's that about? I'm sorry if I come off sounding like some new-age version of Archie Bunker, but I think that is total bullshit. Yeah, America is a melting pot and yada yada yada, but why is it that everyone comes here, and runs straight for the handouts yet aren't willing to learn the goddamn language? I mean, for God's sake, I had to take a foreign language in high school and college. WTF?

I dunno how it is where you live, but here in Texas there are soooo many people living here who don't even speak English, much less make an effort to learn it. Most recent encounter: Yesterday I was at the grocery store and could not find the soup (I was in a store whose layout I am not that familiar with). I looked around for an employee to point me in the right direction. Sounds simple, right? I ask one of the guys stocking which aisle the soup is on. He acts like I just asked him to recite the Pythagoras Theorem.

Him: "Uhhh...what does it like?"
Me: "What? The soup. Can you tell me what aisle it's on?
Him: "What is it like?"
Me: "You know, soup. Um, like Chicken Noodle or Tomato... (at this point I'm miming eating soup with a fuckin' spoon, like some kind of retard)
Him: *still as confused as when I asked him the first time*
Me: "Nevermind. Thanks anyway." *SIGH*

I don't mean to sound like a turd, but I've just grown weary of the whole vicious cycle. From when I worked retail to seeing on the news how taxpayers here are paying for not one but TWO teachers for grade schools: One to teach the kids who speak English and one to teach the kids who don't speak English. WTF? I just don't understand it that's all. I can't fathom going to live somewhere and expect to be taken seriously and NOT learn the language. That'd be like me moving to France and then acting all frustrated when people don't understand what-the-fuck I'm saying and vice versa. And if all else failed the least I could do would be to have a French/English translation book with me. Aaarrggh! Am I asking too much to expect the people who live here (not to mention partake of the governmental benefits), speak English? When does it become "enough?" This is what I pay taxes for? Better yet, why am I paying taxes for school-age children I don't even have? Let the parents do that shit. (But then that's a whole 'nother rant...oy vey)

Anyway, here's the related article:

Houston Has Most Undocumented College Students

KHOU-TV — Wendy Morfin is not a U.S. citizen, but she graduated from a Houston high school and now attends the University of Houston with financial aid. “I was in the top 10 percent,” Morfin said. “I had like a 3.7 GPA.”

She was the perfect candidate to go on to college, but there was a problem. “They were like, yeah, you have to go. But I’m like how? I don’t have money, I don’t have papers,” Morfin said.

Morfin is not a U.S. citizen but nonetheless graduated from a high school in Texas, at the top of her class. Does she deserve to go to college like any other Texan?

“I’ve had cases of students coming up to me and saying, ‘my counselor told me since I’m undocumented, I don’t even have a right to ask for college,’” said University of Houston recruiter Rebeca Trevino.

“We do have some kids who believe they don’t have the right to go to college … but by law they do,” Trevino said.

And they get financial aid.

Since 2001, Texas became the first state by law to allow undocumented students into public colleges at the subsidized in-state tuition rate and make them eligible for financial aid, as long as they have lived in the state for three years and graduated from high school. Houston now leads the state with upwards of 600 such undocumented students going to public colleges.

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to find critics of the law. They say it does nothing more than encourage illegal immigration and that it gives unfair advantage to immigrant students over those who are here legally. “Its costing the people who live here,” said Cathie Adams. Adams is with the conservative group Texas Eagle Forum. “There is something very broken about the system, and I think we should start looking in our backyard, taking care of our own before we start giving away the farm to those who are not even here legally,” Adams said.

They said it’s unfair for undocumented students to pay the lower in-state tuition while a legal resident from say, Louisiana, would pay the higher out-of-state rate to go to college in Texas. They want the law repealed and funding cut to students like Morfin who, it turns out, enrolled at UH with a full scholarship. She now volunteers for college fairs.

“We’re still residents, we live here, we pay taxes,” Morfin said. “I mean, we deserve the opportunity to study.” Morfin is a mathematics major, and when she graduates, wants to return to school to teach.

Some said the effect of undocumented students is being overstated. In all Texas public colleges, there are about 4,000 such students out of a total enrollment of more than 1 million.

File under: Annoyed

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Johnny Angel

I realized I haven't declared my love of Johnny Knoxville in a while, so there's no time like the present! Still beautiful! Still needs some kisses! ROWR!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Estate Sale

There was a Ephemera/paper sale this weekend in Fort Worth, but I opted to go to some local estate sale instead. Everything was marked 25% Off, so naturally I managed to find a few things. Grand total: $6.25

[1] I know it may sound weird or melodramatic, but I see a lot of things in life as still lives. This one was in the garage. I'm kicking myself for now buying those scissors. Dammit.

[2] This cracked me up. So 70's. Nice hair helmet! My dad actually had one of these things (the massager, not the helmet o'hair).

[3] "Estate Sale." I normally don't go to estate sales, but then it depends on the neighborhood. If it's an older neighborhood I am SO there 'cause you know some older people lived there and they always have the coolest stuff.

However, estate sales are always kind of a sad affair to me 'cause you know your in someone's home and they're no longer there. Kinda depressing knowing that complete strangers are rootin' around in your stuff. And while I'm thinking about it: Who the hell buys someone's half-empty bottle of shampoo or spices? Freaks.

[4] This is my loot! A cool metal box with a latch and carrying handle. A 2-4 cup coffee pot, new, in the box with power cord, filters, paperwork and even the receipt! My coffee pot is the same brand (Poly Perk) and I love it. A glass baking dish (for making various types of "loaves") and some assorted postcards.

[5] This is one of 3 groovy little mini (approx. the size of a business card) postcards I bought. I thought they were super cute because I'd never seen anything like them before. They were all of New Orleans, which is why I bought them. I guess since the whole Katrina thing, I felt like I was buying a piece of history or something. Come to think of it I also bought a little metal replica of the Twin Towers the day after 9/11. I know it sounds morbid, but I've never been to New York and felt like I should own something that says "New York."

[6] One of my groovy postcards! Fun!

[7] You can't really tell, but this guy's a cutie. Nice legs! Rowr!

[8] I love this postcard. So retro. Makes me wish I'd stayed there.

Friday, January 20, 2006

A Reminder from Kirkkitsch...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Quotable Quotes 3

From the movie Mighty Aphrodite:
Scene: Woody Allen's character is attempting to fix up his friend (played by Mira Sorvino) with someone wholesome; a simpleton wannabe boxer who has aspirations of being a farmer...

Mira Sorvino: "What the hell is an onion farmer doing at the gym?"

From the movie Daddy Daycare:
Scene: Eddie Murphy's character upon seeing the petting zoo wreck havoc on the bake sale...

Eddie Murphy:" Wow, goats really love pie."

From the TV show That 70's Show:
Scene: Hyde discussing why there is a statue of Mary on the dashboard of the car Kelso borrowed, supposedly from Kelso's grandmother. Upon more inspection, they are tryin to decide whose car it could be...Kelso's uncle's, maybe?

Hyde: "Isn't he in prison for arson?"
Kelso: "People who burn stuff believe in God too, Hyde."

From the movie Vibes:
Scene: Jeff Goldblum's character is being seduced by a sexy women he met in the hotel lobby.

Sexy Woman: "I have something for you. It's an aphrodisiac. It's made from the horn of rhinoceros and dried rabbit glands.
Jeff Goldblum: "But no sugar, I hope."

From the TV show Roseanne:
Scene: Roseanne is dismayed about her mother moving into a retirement village...
Roseanne: "I don't want you to get old."
Roseanne's mother: "I know, dear."
Roseanne: "'cause you're just dragging me with you and I don't like it!"

From the animated Halloween special The Great Bear Scare:
Scene: Count Dracula makes several unsuccessful attempts to transform himself into a bat.

Count Dracula: "Mumpkin pumpkin, make me a bat!"

From the TV show Living Single:
Scene: Maxine and Kyle trade barbs...

Kyle: "Evil never sleeps."
Maxine: "But Ugly gets plenty of rest."

From the TV show The Facts of Life:
Scene: Jo commenting on Blair's mother's facelift...

Jo: "It's all balogney. They don't call it plastic surgery for nuthin'. You're old, you're ugly, you live with it!"

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Upcoming DVD Releases Vol. 5

[R]= Rental [P]= Purchase [PVC]= Buy Previously-Viewed if Cheap

Cyclone © 1978
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: I've never seen this movie, but it sounds like an awful lot of fun: In the wake of a violent cyclone, the remaining passengers of a downed airplane find refuge on a passing boat carrying the survivors of a shipwreck. Without a clue where in the world they are, a shortage of food and water, and the surrounding waters teeming with man-eating sharks, the tensions are soon on the rise. Fun! I love shark movies! [P]

School of Life © 2005
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: Ryan Reynolds (ROWR!), need I saw more? Actually, I've read the reviews on this one and apparently it's a crowd-pleaser...but then Ryan is always pleasing on the eyes. [P]

Broken Flowers © 2005
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: Love Bill Murray. Missed this one when it was at the theater. [R]

The Wedding Crashers © 2005
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: Love me some Vince Vaughn! Everyone keeps telling me how funny this movie is, but to be honest, I thought it looked kinda goofy in the trailers. I'll still buy it though, because I love me some Vince. [PVC]

Red Eye © 2005
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: This looks like a good little thriller (and it was, I just rented it...review later). I still like Wes Craven, even though his material has gotten pretty watered-down since his glory days. [R]

Transporter 2 © 2005
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: Jason Statham is so hot and I LOVED the original Transporter's fight sequences. Incredible! I hope this one doesn't disappoint. [P]

Pinky © 1949
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: This classic has been out of print on VHS for ages, so the fact that it's finally being released to DVD is great! Can't wait to see it again. [P]

Island in the Sun © 1957
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: I've never seen this movie, but have long been a fan of Harry Belafonte and Dorothy Dandridge is always great. Interested in seeing the "controversial" interracial screen kiss! Woo hoo! [R]

The Chumscrubber © 2005
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: The tagline for this movie was "Meet Generation Rx." It should have been "Meet Generation S-u-x." OMG, it was such a befuddled mess. I want my 108 minutes back. More in my review later. [R]

How to Make a Monster/Blood of Dracula ©1958/1957
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: Gotta own this one, since it is the first time How to Make a Monster has been released on DVD. Co-starring the hunkalicious Gary Conway reviving his role as the Teenage Frankenstein! [P]

Two for the Money © 2005
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: One of the few movies where I think Matthew Mcconaughey actually looks good. He usually looks like he needs a shave, a haircut and a good ironing. [R]

Funny Factory: Donald; Volume 2 ©1938-1953
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: Well, when I was making this piece, I was interested in this DVD, but have since changed my mind. Since I found out that there are only 2 cartoons on this DVD that aren't already on previous DVD compilations, two of which are ones I have been wanting (Chronological Donald: Vol. 1 & 2) to buy, and will instead of this DVD. I have to agree with the irate reviewers over at Amazon.com: "Disney is again trying to get you to purchase the same cartoons over & over! Yes, the cartoons are ***** five star cartoons, but Disney's greedy tactics are worth only one star! Enough Already!"

Venom © 2005
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: Yes, I know this looks like yet another installment of what today's generation considers "horror," but I still wanna see it. I heard the murder methods were quite disgusting and besides, I am a sucker for teen slashers of any caliber. [R]

Junebug © 2005
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: I remember seeing the trailer for this movie months ago and it looks GREAT! Unfortunately, it never made it to whitebread America where I live, so I'll have to rent this one instead. If it's as good as the trailer alluded to, it just might end up being a purchase. [R]

> Hooked © 2003
Release Date: January 24
Comments: You know I GOTTA rent this one. I think I'll make it a double feature night and rent Gay Republicans at the same time. If you aren't familiar with > Hooked, here's a quick synopsis: Documentary investigation into on-line internet cruising in the gay community. Interview subjects reveal information as to their reasons for cruising on-line. The frequency with which they meet people on-line and their attitudes toward how truthful they and others are. I know how much a lot of gay men like to perpetuate some ideal image to people that they are "just like everyone else" (and some are) and put the kibosh on the reality that a lot of them are just rectal thermometers in search of another asshole, but you know what? More times than not, it's true. Some of you may not like to hear it, but I experienced these people firsthand, back when I used to actually date. There are lotsa assholes out there who will tell you anything you wanna hear to get into your pants. At some point, I'll blog about some of my various "dates" and you can judge for yourself. [R]

All-American Girl: The Complete Series © 1994-1995
Release Date: January 31
Comments: I loved the "old" Margaret Cho! You know, the one who was so great with The 80's references, stories and humor. Now, though she's gotten so political and so superqueer that I find it hard to enjoy her stand-up like I used to. We get it. She's gay-friendly. Cool. She's Asian. Cool. I've just grown weary of the "persecution" angle and the whole trying too hard to be "edgy." So, I'm excited to see some vintage Cho! [P]

Midnight Blue Collection: Celebrities Edition © 1974-2003
Release Date: January 31
Comments: I have to admit, I never watched this show when it was on television (maybe once or twice back in the 80's). However, the fact that this DVD features nude celebs of yesteryear sounds totally fun. [P]

Destination Mars! © 2005
Release Date: February 7
Comments: Another one of those movie parodies/homages in the same vein as 2001's The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. Looks like cheesy fun. [R]

The Best of The Electric Company © 1971-1977
Release Date: February 7
Comments: I remember watching this show when I was a little kid. I had three shows that I watched religiously on PBS: The Electric Company, ZOOM and The New Zoo Revue. I know what you're saying "What? No Sesame Street?" Well, sorta. I watched it sometimes, but not until I was older and it was "age inappropriate." I do remember loving Roosevelt Franklin, though! I even had a puppet of him at one point. He was cool! [P]

Elizabethtown © 2005
Release Date: February 7
Comments: Missed this one at the theater, but it looks really good. Not a Kirsten Dunst fan (her teeth freak me out, too) and the appeal of Orlando Bloom is completely lost on me (I don't get it), but the movie looks like it'll be a good one. It has a Garden State feel to it, and I loved that movie. [PVC]

Living Single: Season 1 © 1993-1998
Release Date: February 14
Comments: I LOVE this show! I'm so glad that I can now erase all my Living Single marathons on VHS and own the DVDs now. I have THE biggest crush on Overton Wakefield Jones (AKA John Henton)! God, he's just so damn cute! [P]

Who's That Girl © 1987
Release Date: February 14
Comments: Another one of those movies I've been waiting to be released to DVD for years. I even bought the Hong Kong VCD of this movie on eBay! A friend put it on DVD-R for me a while back and that appeased my need for this movie. Now, it's getting an official release, so I'm excited. This movie was an awful lot of fun and I fell in love with Louden (AKA Griffin Dunne), what with his cute little classes and short brunette hair. Cute! And of course, my main attraction, Buck (AKA James Dietz) the musclebound UPS man. ROWR! He was H-O-T! I know I've mentioned this before, but I still find it weird that he's dead now. He was only 27 years old when he died. I've always wondered what happened. If I HAD to guess, I'd deduce from his muscles and thinning hair that it was Steroids-related, but I could be wrong. I have no idea. It's just so weird because he died the same year the movie came out and he looked so good in the movie. Whatever the case, it's still sad. [P]

Class of 1984 © 1982
Release Date: February 21
Comments: I remember seeing ads in the paper for this movie and reading reviews that stamped this movie "controversial." Ever since then I'd wanted to see it, but didn't actually get around to renting it until sometime in the late 90's. It was a lot of fun and totally 80's. Always LOVED the poster. [P]

Vice Squad © 1982
Release Date: February 21
Comments: I've never seen all of this movie, just the clips in the movie Terror in the Aisles. It looks soooo good and sooo intense! Can't wait to see this one! [P]

Werewolves on Wheels © 1971
Release Date: February 28
Comments: Some (ex)friends bought me this years ago for Halloween. Did they know me or what? I love me some cheesy movies! The fun part of this movie is that "Bud" (AKA Billy Gray) from the 1954 television show Father Knows Best, plays one of the bikers! Too surreal! [PVC]

The Scooby-Doo! Dynomutt Hour © 1976-1977
Release Date: March 7
Comments: I remember watching (and loving) this show. Even as a kid, I remember thinking The Blue Falcon was hot. Maybe that's one of the reasons I like Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law so much now. Lol! [P]

Hooray for Hollywood © 1975
Release Date: March 14
Comments: Think of this one as the unofficial sequel to That's Entertainment. Filled with mostly musical highlights from the films of the 1930's. I always enjoy pretty much anything from that era. [P]

The Horror of Party Beach/The Curse of the Living Corpse © 1964
Release Date: March 28
Comments: I don't care what anyone says, I have always loved The Horror of Party Beach. SO cheesy, SO fun! This is the first time this classic cult favorite has ever been released on DVD, so needless to say I am excited!

I'm also excited about the double feature The Curse of the Living Corpse! Though I've never seen it, after reading a synopsis of it and a few reviews, it sounds GREAT! Totally reminds me of an updated version of The Cat and the Canary (one of my all-time favorites!). Can't wait! [P]

The Pink Panther: Classic Cartoon Collection © 1964-1980
Release Date: January 31
Comments: I LOVE the Pink Panther! I am so excited about this boxset. As one reviewer put it, over on Amazon.com: "Now, for the first time, 124 cartoons produced by Freleng and DePatie between 1964 and 1980 are collected here in a swingin' 5-disc set. With over 14 hours of "pink comedy," you can't help but lick your whiskers!" [P]

Just Like Heaven © 2005
Release Date: February 7
Comments: I remember hearing the title song for this movie (the 1987 song Just Like Heaven by The Cure) and getting all giddy (I loved that album: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me). The movie has a cute, yet predictable, premise and stars Reese Witherspoon (God, her husband {Ryan Phillippe} is HOT!), Mark Ruffalo (cute!) and Jon Heder (AKA Napoleon Dynamite). Too bad the powers that be felt they just had to create new (bad) cover art for the DVD instead of sticking with the original poster art (shown). If it ain't broke, don't fix it, people! Gah! [R]

One Dark Night © 1983
Release Date: Unknown
Comments: I remember watching this show around Halloween time on channel 11. I LOVED it! It's such a great 80's horror movie! Girl wants to be part of popular clique of girls, girls haze her by making her spend the night in a mausoleum, with the intent of sneaking in and scaring her, everyone gets more than they bargained for once they find out they're not alone in the mausoleum. Spooky fun!

I'm still not sure about the release date of this one. It's been bounced around from December to January. I'm also not sure if it's really going to be a double-disc release or not. Let's hope so! Can't wait to see this one on DVD! [P]

Love at Stake © 1988
Release Date: Currently Available
Comments: I remember renting this baudy little comedy, back in the late 80's. What's not to love about a comedy based on The Salem Witch Trials? Puritan fever! The original VHS cover/poster art was sooo much better than the bullshit cover art they came up with here. [P]

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

So Wrong

Monday, January 16, 2006

Rental Reviews: Part 2 of 2

Dark Water. Available in both Rated 'PG-13' and Unrated versions
Synopsis: A mother and daughter, still wounded from a bitter custody dispute, hole up in a run-down apartment building. Adding further drama to their plight, they are targeted by the ghost of former resident.
Comments: First off, I have to admit I am not a fan of Asian horror. Knowing that this film had been adapted from the Asian version (AKA Honogurai mizu no soko kara), I went in skeptical, but the trailer looked promising, plus, I love Jennifer Connelly...when she doesn't look like she's starving. What the hell happened to her? I mean, yeah, I realize she had a breast reduction, but she looked so healthy and beautiful in such movies as Labyrinth (and yes, I know she was just 16 at the time), Career Opportunities (21), The Rocketeer (also 21), Mulholland Falls (26), Dark City (28) and Requiem for a Dream (30). And yes, before you mention A Beautiful Mind, I do own that one on DVD, but she looks skeletal in that movie. Come back to the Five & Dime, Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Connelly.

Annnnyway, back to my review. I rented the 'Unrated' edition, in hopes that it would offer something that the original didn't. If it did, I can't imagine what it was. First, the Pros: The movie has a nice, consistent look, the actors are great, the story's plot had potential, I loved the fact that the director didn't rely on CGI for the special effects and the movie has a satisfying ending. Cons: Where the hell was the suspense? Where was the payoff? I kept waiting throughout the entire film, thinking to myself "This is an Asian ghost story, there's gotta be a twist somewhere. I can't wait to see what it is." And then there's no twist. What I thought happened from the moment I saw the building they were moving into is exactly what happened! That's it.
Verdict: Me no likee. The movie pace was waaaaaay too slow. There was little suspense with no payoff. A waste of my 105 minutes.

Partner(s). Not Rated
Synopsis: An enterprising lawyer , acting on a report that a female colleague is up to make partner, plays up the established rumor that he's gay in order to better his chances at edging out his competition.
Comments: When I first stumbled across this title online, I thought "Ugh! They remade the 1982 movie with the same title!" I LOVE the '82 version with Ryan O'Neal and John Hurt. It's so dated and unPC, but I still love it. If only it were on DVD...

As it turns out, the movie I rented is not a remake, but don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet. I didn't finish it. I dunno what it was about this movie that I just did NOT dig, but I couldn't even muster up enough fortitude to even finish the movie. On the one hand, I did like the fact that the token gay character (played by Michael Ian Black) was totally undetectable from the straight characters. In other words, no overly stereotypical gay affectations; i.e. no speech impediments, no 'fabulous' wardrobe/apt. surroundings, no super-sassy 'disses,' etc. I thought that was cool and a refreshing change of pace from the norm.

BUT, then I see the cover and I'm like "What?" They can manage to make the gay character 3 dimensional in person, but they revert back to the stereotypical purse-lipped queer for the cover art? It's like they got together and said "Just in case you don't get it...here's a visual to make sure you do...even though there's clearly a movie synopsis on the back of the DVD case."

And at the risk of sounding overly sensitive about the whole gay charade schtick, I was irked that the straight guy, pretending to be gay to land the promotion, felt compelled to educate everyone in the office, one by one, on how he knew when he was gay, etc. I dunno, I think for the most part it was just a bad movie. I think maybe in the right hands it could have been funny, but as it was, it wasn't.
Verdict: Didn't finish it. Not funny. Rent 1982's Partners on VHS, if you can find it.

War of the Worlds. Rated 'PG-13'
Synopsis: As Earth is invaded by alien tripod fighting machines, one family fights for survival.
Comments: I love the original 1953 version of War of the Worlds, so I initially didn't have much interest in seeing this remake. I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise (I long lost interest, pre-Oprah couch-jumping days) or Dakota Fanning (though, I liked Uptown Girls). Dakota Fanning has those bizarre Cavity Creeps teeth. They look like she ate a handful of those little red pills the dentist used to give you when you were a little kid. Remember those? They looked like little red baby aspirin and you would chew one up and then check your teeth out in the mirror and the area where you weren't brushing well would be red. That's Dakota Fanning to me.

I primarily rented War of the Worlds to see the special effects. I love disaster movies where real places get destroyed (i.e. Independence Day, The day After Tomorrow, etc.). I was a little disappointed, but the movie had its moments. I couldn't get past my distaste for Cruise long enough to suspend disbelief, but Dakota did a fantastic job. Oh, and I hated the kid who played Cruise's "rebellious" emo son. I was counting the minutes until he got obliterated.
Verdict: The movie wasn't what the hype cracked it up to be. I wouldn't want to own the DVD. I've seen better.

Silent Night, Bloody Night. Rated 'R'
Synopsis: The secrets of a small New England town are violently exposed on Christmas Eve in this proto-slasher shocker. The owner of the long-abandoned Butler estate is desperate to sell, and dispatches his lawyer from New York to negotiate its purchase by the town council. Meanwhile, an inmate from a nearby insane asylum breaks loose and makes his way to the old mansion to take bloody revenge for a crime kept hidden for 35 years. The maniac makes mysterious phone calls to various prominent citizens, telling them that "Marianne" has returned, and lures each to the Butler house to meet their doom. The mayor's daughter, Diane, receives a visit from a man who claims to be Jeremy Butler, the mansion's owner, in town to investigate his lawyer's disappearance. Together they attempt to unravel the sinister mystery of the Butler house, which turns out to be a harrowing tale of incest, insanity and mass murder.
Comments: First off, I didn't actually rent this one. I've had this movie on a Double Feature DVD for some years now, but have never taken the time to watch it. I've attempted it in the past, but didn't have the patience to get past the first couple of chapters.

Secondly, don't confuse this movie with 1984's Silent Night, Deadly Night, which is a slasher movie about a killer in a Santa Claus suit. I like them both, but they are completely different movies.

Silent Night, Bloody Night, I'll admit, is slow as molasses to get started, but once it does, I thought it was really creepy. If you can hold out until the creepy phone calls begin and the town council members begin to be lured to the house and killed off one by one, then you're home free. THE scene that creeped me out: When Tess Howard, one of the town council members is lured to the house and discovers she's in the house with the killer. The lights go out and she's knocked to the floor. Looking up, a flashlight shines in her face and she can't see the killer. He hisses "Don't be afraid. I want to help you. Take my hand. Take my hand, Tess." She reaches out to take his hand only to discover it's someone's dismembered hand and it falls to the floor with a thud. She screams and the last thing you see is the silhouette of someone raising an axe above their head and bringing it down swiftly. CREEPY!!!
Verdict: Creepy lil' thriller if you have the patience for it. Not what I would consider gory by today's standards (more 'PG' than 'R'). I'm glad I own it. Don't be turned off by the cover of most of the DVDs. Whoever decided on that picture out of the tons of other stills they could have used, is retarded. It's not even a major scene and makes the movie look as if it is a B&W (the movie is in color) zombie movie that has been colorized. AWFUL cover. That's why I went with the original poster art, shown here.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Something Old, Something New...

I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know about a new TV series that premiered on the Oxygen network last Sunday: Campus Ladies. I'd been looking forward to the show since December when I started seeing promos for it on Oxygen. It didn't disappoint. It was just as crazy and funny as I thought it was gonna be (and it has a great theme song!). Most of the cast started out with The Groundlings, which has turned out sooo many great people who went on to do hilarious stuff on such shows as Saturday Night Live, Strangers With Candy, The Upright Citizens Brigade and lots more.

For those who haven't seen the show, here's a quick synopsis, courtesy of the official website: Campus Ladies follows Joan & Barri, two middle-aged housewives who decide it’s better to be a freshman at 40 than unhappy housewives forever. Ditching the suburban life of minivans and malls for keg stands and co-ed dorms, Joan and Barri enroll in school in search for the wild college years they missed the first time around. Throughout the ten half-hour episode series, the co-eds take on the fictional University of the Midwest (UMW) with wild naiveté and optimism, gliding through the raunchiest of situations with cheerful abandon.

Tonite's episode looks hilarious: Joan and Barri decide to explore their sexual identities by trying to become lesbians. Their dorm friends are not convinced and hire a deprogrammer to convince them they aren't gay. Back-to-back episodes start at 9pm and repeat at 12 midnight.*

Also, just for the heck of it, I'd like to mention that Oxygen does this thing where they show a movie 3X over the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), so that you have 3 times in which to catch it on the tube. This weekend it's Dirty Dancing (tonite @ 7pm). Having grown up during The 80's, you know I saw this movie. And I did...and I liked it. However, I never was a HUGE fan of the whole phenomenon (and yes, kids, it was a phenomenon; dance classes, stage productions, instructional videos, etc.). I mostly enjoyed the movie for the great music and Jennifer Grey (fresh from Ferris Bueller's Day Off; pre-nosejob, now I STILL don't recognize her). I can't say that I've ever owned the movie or found Patrick Swayze to be "all that," but it is a fun movie.

Anyway, my point: The scene where Patrick (AKA "Johnny") LEAPS off the stage (with mucho gusto), wrists crossed overhead CRACKS ME UP! Then when he gets all sassy struttin' down the aisle with his sweaty bangs a flyin', I lose it. LMAO! Who knew that when you were watching this stuff during it's time period ('87), that originally made you feel all giddy, like you could take on the world and that all wrongs had been righted...would make you laugh outloud 19 years later? My other favorite, highly-"emotional" scene is when Johnny is leaving and the song She's Like the Wind (which became a one-hit wonder for Swayze...yes he actually sang the song. lol!) begins to play. Yes, it's a catchy tune and yes I can sing some of it, but nonetheless, it still cracks me up to see it in context. And remember, "No one puts Baby in the corner!" ROTFLMAO!

*In addition, back-to-back episodes repeat on Saturday afternoon (2pm) and Monday nights (9pm). Check your local listings for time and channel.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Oscar-Winning Actress Shelley Winters Dies at 85

AP — Shelley Winters, the forceful, outspoken star who graduated from blond bombshell parts to dramas, winning Academy Awards as supporting actress in "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "A Patch of Blue," has died. She was 85. Winters died of heart failure at The Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills, said her publicist Dale Olson. She was taken into hospital in October after suffering a heart attack.

The actress sustained her long career by repeatedly reinventing herself. Starting as a nightclub chorus girl, she advanced to supporting roles in New York plays, then became famous as a Hollywood sexpot. A devotee of the Actors Studio, she switched to serious roles as she matured, and she won her Oscars portraying mothers. Still working well into her 70s, she had a recurring role as Roseanne's grandmother on the 1990s TV show "Roseanne."

In 1959's "The Diary of Anne Frank," she was Petronella Van Daan, mother of Peter Van Daan and one of eight Jewish refugees in World War II Holland who hid for more than a year in cramped quarters until they were betrayed and sent to Nazi death camps. The socially conscious Winters donated her Oscar statuette to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

In 1965's "Patch of Blue," she portrayed a hateful, foul-mouthed mother who tries to keep her blind daughter, who was white, apart from the kind black man who has befriended her.

Ever vocal on social and political matters, Winters was a favoured guest on TV talk shows, and she demonstrated her frankness in two autobiographies. She wrote openly in them of her romances with Burt Lancaster, William Holden, Marlon Brando, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable and other leading men.

My favorite Shelley Winters movies:

A Place in the Sun © 1951
Behave Yourself! © 1951
I Am a Camera © 1955
The Night of the Hunter © 1955
Lolita © 1962
A Patch of Blue © 1965
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? © 1971
What's the Matter With Helen? © 1971
The Poseidon Adventure © 1972
Cleopatra Jones © 1973
The Visitor © 1979

Though I own most of these on DVD (the ones available on DVD, that is), my all-time favorite is A Patch of Blue. I loved everything about the movie, from the terrific performances to the outstanding film score. For those who may not have seen it, here's a quick synopsis: When Gordon Ralfe, a handsome, hard-working black man encounters Selina, a blind white girl, he befriends the lonely woman. Her only true friend, Gordon introduces Selina to a whole world beyond the confines of her deprived home life. Based on Elizabeth Kata's novel.

Such an excellent movie. Shelley does a great job as the foul-mouthed, platinum blonde Roseanne, so good in fact that you'll wanna belt her one! LOL! As one reviewer put it: "As sharp and horrible as a root canal, she marches around the tiny apartment she shares with her daughter and father, ordering Selina about like an indentured servant: "Where's my dinner?" she bellows like a foghorn." I couldn't have put it better myself. Thankfully this classic is now available on DVD, so rent it and enjoy. You won't regret it.

R.I.P., Shelley. Thank you for all the great memories.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Rental Reviews: Part 1 of 2

Creep. Rated 'R'
Synopsis: Trapped in a London subway station, a woman who's being pursued by a potential attacker heads into the unknown labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city's streets.
Comments: I've been anxiously waiting to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer back in March of last year. Unfortunately, it never was released theatrically here in America, so I was happy to see it on the new release wall a few weeks ago.

I enjoyed the movie. It had a great look to it and had some genuinely creepy (no pun intended) moments. However, I was a little disappointed too. I guess I had some different expectations for it that didn't happen. While it did have some good suspense, it wasn't anywhere as scary as the trailer alluded to. Also, I don't mind gore, but the operation scene seemed forced and too long. Overall, I felt the gore level was acceptable and not too over the top. I have to admit, though, that the original ending (shown as a series of sketches in the Special Features) would have been a lot more fun, instead of the somewhat lackluster version that made it into the movie.
Verdict Worth a rental, might buy it if the price was right, but not necessarily a must-own.

The Cave. Rated 'PG-13'
Synopsis: Bloodthirsty creatures await a pack of divers who become trapped in an underwater cave network.
Comments: I really wanted to see this movie back when I saw the trailer for it at the theater. Of course, I never got around to it before it left theaters.

I REALLY liked this movie. I know a lot of people (including myself) are somewhat skeptical of PG-13-rated horror movies, but I felt like this one was well done. And though I admit to being leery of PG-13-rated films, that's not to say that I instantly label them "crap." A movie it only as good as it's actors, plot, etc. and this is one of those movies that I think was well done regardless of rating. Besides, I've enjoyed quite a few PG-13-rated films over the years (this one included): Darkness Falls, and What Lies Beneath, just to name a few.

Though I am not remotely claustrophobic, I found myself taking deep breaths periodically throughout the film. All those tight spaces in the caves both under water and on dry land, stressed me out! I think one of the reasons I enjoyed this film so much was because (A) It reminded me so much of another film favorite, The Relic, (B) The sets were so realistic, I couldn't differentiate between which ones were real and which ones weren't. And (C) The CGI was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. I always appreciate it when the filmmakers make a concerted effort to make the CGI almost undetectable.
Verdict I really enjoyed this fun, suspenseful movie. It'd have been a definite purchase had Eddie Cibrian got shirtless (God, he's HOT!), but I'd still consider buying the DVD for the right price.

Cry Wolf. Available in both Rated 'PG-13' and Unrated versions
Synopsis: Eight unsuspecting high school seniors at a posh boarding school, who delight themselves on playing games of lies, come face-to-face with terror and learn that nobody believes a liar - even when they're telling the truth.
Comments: When this movie was released theatrically, it was originally rated PG-13. I remember seeing the first clunky version of the trailer and thinking "eh, it looks kinda good." Then I saw the re-released version of the trailer and it became a lot more appealing to me. Isn't it funny how something like a movie trailer can determine whether or not a movie looks view-worthy?

Anyway, I was looking forward to renting it, but when I got to Hollywood Video, all the copies on the New Release wall were gone. I took a chance and asked if one had been returned and it had, so I rented it, completely forgetting to ask if it was the "Unrated" version (it was released in both the PG-13 and the Unrated editions). As it turns out, I got the PG-13 one. Oh well, I was already home and if I liked it enough I'd probably just buy the Unrated version anyway.

I liked the movie. Even though I guessed the "twist" and figured out who was behind the murders (Hint: it's all about character development), it still kept me entertained (the cute guys in the cast didn't hurt either). So, without spoiling it for anyone who may want to rent it, I'm not really sure what could have possibly been in the Unrated version as opposed to the PG-13-rated version or how that would have even worked.
Verdict Worth the rental. Good suspense. Nice little mystery if you haven't seen very many of these types of movies. I'd buy it if it were under $10.

Godzilla: Final Wars. Rated 'PG-13'
Synopsis: Godzilla's 50th Anniversary project, in which Gojira (Godzilla) travels around the world to fight his old foes plus a new, mysterious monster named Monster X.
Comments: I'll admit it, I like Godzilla movies. There, I said it. I remember getting enthralled by them when I was growing up. One of my earliest (if not THE earliest) is sitting in a nearly empty theater in my hometown watching Godzilla vs. Megalon with my dad. I also have fond memories of otherwise boring Saturday afternoons being rejuvenated by a good old-fashioned Godzilla movie, anxiously looking forward to the next rampage/showdown.

Going into any Godzilla movie you have to make certain allowances: (1) Cheesy special effects and (2) Bad dubbing. It's just a given. If you can't deal with that then you simply cannot watch a Godzilla movie. Favorite Godzilla movie, you ask? Godzilla vs. Hedorrah (AKA Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster). It's go-go-licious!

So, naturally when all these fun movies started being remade "for a new generation," I was totally on board and have actually enjoyed renting/watching a lot of them. I assumed this would be the case with the latest one Godzilla: Final Wars. Especially considering that The Big G battles all of his foes all over the world (that can only mean one thing...mass destruction of geographical icons: The Eiffel Tower, The Syndey Opera House, New York, etc.)!! Boy, was I letdown. Hard. The whole movie had a Power Rangers quality that I really hated. Complete with fast-paced Technolicious battle music whenever the "mutants" would come on the scene (which they did WAY too often. Alright already, we get it! You're mutants. You have super-secret powers.) I kept waiting for the "Go Go Power Rangers!" music to kick in and Rita to make a cameo. Don't get me wrong, I loved the original Power Rangers, mainly because I had a major crush on that hot Red Ranger (AKA Austin St. John. I so looked forward to the shirtless fight scenes..wha? where am I? I..I think I just blacked out for a minute). BUT, this was no Power Rangers movie, it was supposed to be a Godzilla movie.
Verdict I have to agree with one IMDB reviewer: disappointing. I didn't finish the movie. I got so tired of having to sit through yet another mutant back story/fight scene/flashback, that I said "fuck it" and returned it. Plus, the monsters just didn't do it for me this time. They looked even cheesier than usual (is that possible?) this time around. And what was with the super-queer floppy-eared dog monster thing? Gaaaaaay. Save some money and rent any of the other Godzilla movies.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Like most kids, I detested going shopping with my mother at most of the places she liked to shop at, with two exceptions: (1) bookstores and (2) fabric stores. I used to love going to the fabric store because I loved looking at/feeling all the textures and patterns. I especially loved it when my mom would let me pick something out for her to make for me, like an Arthur throw pillow (Arthur was Raggedy Ann and Andy's dog) or material for pillowcases. My mom was (is) a whiz at making pillowcases, curtains, throw pillows, you name it. I still come across fabric from time to time and have her make me a pillow cover or two. I still have some of my favorites she made back in the 70's, as well as my most recent favorites: 2 very shiny, very fabulous gun metal-silver lamé pillows for the love seat in my computer room. SO inspired by Morrissey. I just love them.

Anyhoo, I recently decided to go on a virtual scavenger hunt for cool fabrics and thought you might like to see what I came up with. The last 3 cubes at the bottom are the my 2 favorite 70's pillow covers and the one with the Kliban cat on it are bedsheets I bought on eBay that she made into curtains for my kitchen. I just love them, but then I love all things Kliban. But the original Kliban not that shit his wife churns out now. It's just not the same.

*I found a lot (but not all) of these fabrics at Fabric Attic online. Check them out, they've got some great stuff.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pot, Meet Kettle

Bush warns Democrats on Iraq

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Morals

I recently rented "the Wal-Mart movie" I blogged about a few months ago. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like Wal-Mart. After seeing this movie I was appalled to see to what extent they will go to monopolize the market, intimidate their employees and rape the economy. It is a definite must-see. If you can't find it at your local video store (I rented it from Hollywood Video), buy a used copy on Half.com for under $10. I'll also be placing a button on the page for anyone who may be interested in purchasing it at a later date. You won't 'get' it until you've actually seen it.

The movie was an eye-opener on a lot of levels. For instance, I had no idea that Wal-Mart was International. I didn't know about the sweatshops in Honduras, China and other countries. I didn't know that Wal-Mart (AKA "ASDA in England) is intent on destroying the historic Queens Market, one of the few surviving East End markets at Upton Park in East London, in order to built a Super Center there.

In addition, here's some more highlights that I found utterly disgusting:

Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott giving an interview, talking about how he allegedly "saved money" by sharing a room with CFO Tom Schoewe while in New York on business (saving an estimated "$200") and how his dinner last night cost "$10."
- Then finding out that he made $27,207,799 last year, while the average Wal-Mart hourly sales employee earns $13,861.

The Walton Family has given Less than 1% of their wealth to charity.
-Bill Gates has given 58%

• A Wal-Mart worker may donate money from their paycheck to the Critical Need Fund, a program to aid other employees in times of crisis, like a fire or tornado.
-In 2004 Wal-Mart Employees gave over 5 million to help fellow workers.
-The Walton Family gave $6000

The Walton Family made 3.2 million in political contributions in 2004

The Walton Family received a federal tax cut of: $91,500.00 per hour in the 2004 tax year

• After the 9/11 attacks, the Walton Family had a bunker built, complete with fortified fencing, a heliport and satellite uplinks.

• Cost of Wal-Mart jet fleet: $125,350,000

• America's richest family. All 5 of the heirs are worth at least 18 billion each.

These crimes occurred in Wal-Mart parking lots all over the United States within the first 7 months of 2005:

• Murder (2)
• Abduction* (2)
• Rape (3)
• Robbery (5)
• Shooting (3)
• Assault with a deadly weapon
• Purse snatching* (12)
• Kidnapping and rape
• Armed robbery* (6)
• Stabbing (2)
• Knifepoint robbery
• Assault with knife
• Assault (7)
• Mugging* (3)
• Theft
• Molestation
• Robbing and kidnapping
• Attempted carjacking (2)
• Drive by shooting
• Attacked in car
• Attempted robbery (2)
• Armed robbery and shooting*
• Carjacking (2)
• Groping
• Sexual assault
• Kidnapping*
• Multiple purse snatching
• Indecent exposure
• Robberies and kidnappings*
• Attempted murder
• Aggravated robbery
• Threatened with gun
• Body dumped

*Numbers in parenthesis constitute how many times this type of incident occurred. Items with asterisks indicate incidents that took place in Texas.

I hope I live to see the day that these Nazis crash and burn.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

News Enchilada III: The Year End Edition

[ Click images to enlarge ]


I was tagged by Ragdoll with this meme a few days ago, so here are my answers:

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:

1. Write a book, even if I never get it published.
2. Get medicated.
3. Go to New England.
4. Make a doctor's appointment.
5. Finish writing my thank-you notes.
6. Rake the leaves in the yard.
7. Join the Hair Club for Men.

Seven Things I Can't Do:

1. Not turn a compliment into a punchline.
2. Tell someone who isn't my parents that I "love" them.
3. See those fuckin' 3-D stereogram things.
4. Not make fun of the "fabuous."
5. Take people seriously.
6. Forget: As in 'forgive and forget'
7. Give myself a break.

Seven Things That Attract Me To Blogging:

1. An outlet for my writing and perceived sense of humor.
2. An audience for my writing and perceived sense of humor.
3. A digital scrapbook.
4. I have no friends, so virtual ones are the next best thing.
5. I enjoy recommending/sharing my movie and book favorites.
6. I have no life to speak of.
7. It's God's will.

Seven Things I Say Most Often:

1. "What-the-fuck-ever"
2. "Ech"
3. "Gimme a break already"
4. "What is this, a parade?! Let's GO!"
5. "Pick up the fuckin' pace people!"
6. "Learn to fly or go around me, I ain't goin' any faster"
7. "Thank you"

Seven Books That I Love:

1. Anything by Erma Bombeck, she's friggin' hilarious!
2. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Kim Deitch
3. Razor's Song by Joe Monninger
4. Headhunter by Michael Slade
5. American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
6. Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
7. Muscle Boy by Bud Clifton

Seven Movies I Watch Again and Again:

1. Since You've Been Gone
2. 200 Cigarettes
3. Valley Girl
4. Heathers
5. Jumpin' Jack Flash
6. American Gigolo
7. Grease

Seven People I Want To Join In Too:

Since I know I can't come up with 7 people who would actually fill this out, should you decide you wanna participate, leave a comment so I can see your answers. :)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Did You Know...

Source: Questions Children Ask © 1965

Friday, January 06, 2006

Lou Rawls Dies at the Age of 72

Los Angeles (AP) — Lou Rawls, the velvet-voiced singer who started as a church choir boy and went on to sell more than 40 million albums and win three Grammys in a career that spanned nearly five decades and a range of genres, has died, his publicist said. He was 72.

Rawls died early Friday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was hospitalized last month for treatment of lung and brain cancer, his publicist Paul Shefrin said. His wife Nina was at his bedside when he died, Shefrin said.

The family and Shefrin said Rawls was 72, although other records indicate he was 70. Rawls' voice was his inimitable trademark.

Jazz historian Leonard Feather wrote in "The Encyclopedia of Jazz in the Sixties" that Rawls "has a vigorous, confident style, a strong affinity for the blues and a personal sound." "I've gone the full spectrum, from gospel to blues to jazz to soul to pop," Rawls once said on his Web site. "And the public has accepted what I've done through it all."

Rawls' grandmother introduced him to gospel in his hometown of Chicago. The singer moved to Los Angeles in the mid-1950s to join a touring gospel group, the Pilgrim Travelers.

After a two-year stint in the Army, Rawls returned to Los Angeles and rejoined the Pilgrim Travelers, where he sang with Sam Cooke. Rawls performed with Dick Clark at the Hollywood Bowl in 1959, and two years later, he opened for The Beatles at Crosley Field in Cincinnati.

Rawls was playing small blues and R&B clubs in Los Angeles when his four-octave range caught the ear of a Capitol Records producer, who signed him to the label in 1962. His debut effort, "Stormy Monday," recorded with the Les McCann Trio, was the first of 28 albums Rawls made with Capitol. His 1966 hit, "Love Is a Hurtin' Thing," topped the charts and earned Rawls his first two Grammy nominations. He received 13 during his career.

Rawls, whose hits included "Dead End Street" and "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine," released his most recent album, "Seasons 4 U," in 1998 on his own label, Rawls & Brokaw Records.

As strange as it may sound, besides remembering Lou as a staple on music-related television and variety shows throughout much of the 70's and 80's, I think I'll best remember Lou for singing the music to all the animated Garfield specials made back in the 80's. A distinctive choice with a distinctive voice. R.I.P. Mr. Rawls.

C'mon Get (Sue) Happy

Recently, while channel surfing (some behavior transcends sexual preference), I stumbled upon Court TV. They were televising the trial for the couple whose 14 year-old daughter and her friend, were killed in an alleged drunk driving collision with a male teen who had just left a party where, are you ready for this, underage drinking was going on! Shocked? I knew you would be.

So, anyway, here's the details:

• Stephen Bromstrup, 16, allegedly downed several beers that he sneaked into a June 17, 2002, pool party that Barbara and John O'Brien threw for their 14-year-old daughter.
• Prosecutors say Bromstrup raced through a stop sign at 70 miles an hour and plowed into a Cadillac, killing two passengers and injuring a third.
• According to police, Bromstrup had a blood-alcohol level of 0.041 percent when he skidded 237 feet into an intersection at about 11:30 p.m. Although the level is below what Florida law considers impaired, Bromstrup was a minor and thus violated the law. Florida law presumes a person is impaired with a 0.08 percent blood alcohol level.
• Bromstrup pleaded no contest to vehicular homicide and other related charges and was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2003.
• The parents of Sarah Stone (one of the teens killed) are suing the hosts of the cookout for wrongful death.
• The complaint, filed in the 19th Judicial Circuit in Martin County, claims the O'Briens broke the law because they did not "take reasonable steps to prevent the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by a minor" at the open party they hosted for their daughter.

The complaint alleges Daniel Downes illegally purchased a 12-pack of beer at A&M Discount Beverage, which he then shared with Bromstrup before and after the cookout.

Okay, so Court TV is televising the trial all this week. I've been watching it off and on (A LOT of it is just reruns...a great way to pad a few hours...those cocksuckers). My initial reaction was "Why are they suing the hosts instead of the person who actually caused the wreck?" THEN I read the article and found out this happened years ago and he'd already been sentenced. At first I was in the host's corner because unless you're omnipresent, there is no way you can be everywhere at all times. THEN I found out during testimony that this isn't the first party they'd thrown where underage drinking had taken place, but apparently it was the first where someone got killed. So, now I'm torn.

Here's my current stance:

First off, it's always awful when someone dies as a result of someone else's negligence. My grandmother was killed by a drunk driver in the late 80's, so I can relate. I can totally understand the need to seek justice from the person who actually did the driving, however, I think suing the hosts of the party is nothing short of money whoring. And that's exactly what it is as far as I'm concerned. No amount of money is going to bring The Stone's daughter back, BUT like soooo many people these days, they feel the need for someone to "pay" for their "pain and suffering." And naturally, when you talk to the parents, their daughter was the 14-year old equivalent of Mother Teresa: she was a born leader, funny, outgoing, everyone looked up to her, she loved life and was gonna find a cure for Cancer by the time she was 15. Sure, we get it; she was amazing. And naturally, " Sarah was openly against the use of drugs and alcohol. She was also an active member in a youth group at a local church and devoted to mission work. Dead people are always better on paper.

I especially liked the backhanded comment from The Stones in regard to The O'Briens, during an interview: "We've never said The O'Briens were bad people, but (and here it comes) we've come to expect certain things from parents who care about their children." Then Mrs. Stone goes on to regail us with a page torn from the Leave it to Beaver Book of Parenting, on how they would have handled the situation. Riiiight. Anybody can say they'd have handled things better after the fact. Puhlease. And my favorite part: During an episode of CNN's Nancy Grace, who I normally agree with, but who was so outraged/distracted by the fact that two attractive little white girls were involved, rushed to whip out her ovaries and sing a rousing chorus of I am Woman, left me cold. So when asked by Nancy Grace if he (Mr. Stone) had a website he'd like to plug, he actually said yes! OMG! I had to roll my eyes at the mere suggestion that he somehow managed to work through his grief long enough to pay someone to create a friggin' web site. And naturally, now the mother (Mrs. Stone) is an active member of M.A.D.D. Isn't it fascinating how civic duty takes precedence once someone has been directly affected?

My point is, yes it's terrible what happened. And yes, I understand the need for justice AND I do think that the driver should be held accountable for his choices. HOWEVER, after listening to the testimony, I don't know what more the parents think the O'Briens could have done, short of being visible at all times (which, as you know, teens LOVE to have their parents around at parties). Some are speculating that they should have called the parents of the ones who were drinking and had them picked up. I'm sorry, but everyone involved in this case is acting as if this is the first time they have ever heard of underage drinking. I'm sooo tired of the wide-eyed looks of shock and the feigning of surprise. PUHLEASE! It's practically a right of passage when it comes to teenagers. I mean c'mon, has no one seen The Last American Virgin, Drive Me Crazy, or Clueless? As long as there are teens, there is going to be underage drinking. It doesn't make it right and it doesn't excuse the behaviour, but like it or not, it is a fact of life.

According to the poll taken on Court TV, they posed the question: Did The O'Briens make reasonable attempts at stopping the teens from drinking?
• 45% say 'Yes'
• 55% say 'No'

Mr. & Mrs. O'Brien claim that once they realized that some of the teens had snuck in alcohol, they made a vigilent effort for the rest of the evening to empty all containers they found. That sounds reasonable to me. The Stones are obviously trying to compensate for their daughter's death by wringing some cash outta The O'Briens. Enough already. If everyone wanted some kind of monetary compensation every time something "bad" happened to them, we'd have turned the legal system into a media circus long ago. Oh wait, we already have. Whose up for some scalding-hot coffee from McDonald's? My living room needs remodeling.

Epilogue: Florida couple cleared of liability in teens' deaths after party

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Chat 'tard

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Separated at Birth?

I've always thought Daily Show correspondent, Rob Corddry was so good lookin'. Too bad I can't say the same for his coattail-riding little brother, Nathan...also a recent correspondent on The Daily Show; nepotism at its finest. So when I found Rob's musclebound doppelganger over at Myspace, I had to do a double take. The resemblance is uncanny...and hot.

How to Beat the High Cost of Living

I realize that in today's economy that recycling and sticking to a budget is more important than ever, so that's why I'm writing today's post; to help you, my treasured readers, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

While rummaging through a box of books I came across yesterday, I rediscovered a lot of my vintage magazines (I collect 'em, ya know) and 'lo and behold, what should I find but a 1979 issue of Woman's Day! And not just any issue, but the "Inflation Fighter's" issue! (49¢ instead of the usual 55¢!) That got me to thinking, "What can I do to help?" So, I thumbed through the issue and found all kinds of ways to save, from Meatless Main Dishes to Best of the Newest Fashions to Knit and Crochet. But none of those felt right. That's when I saw it: Makeovers: on the job!!

[ Click Images For A Larger Version ]

Find the look that best suits you:
The Drag Queen [page 1]
The Sophisticated Poodle [page 2]
The Chelsea Clinton [page 3]
or even
The Lassie [page 4]) And voila! FREE makeover!

I'm going to go watch the ultimate inflation movie now. See ya!

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While Scooby Doo is Running from a Holy Ghost...

Shaggy is doing what he does the most. Hey come and get involved till the mystery is solved. Hang around for Scooby Doo...Recently, while looking into buying The New Scooby-Doo Movies DVD boxset, I wanted to know which episodes/celebs were included in the boxset. And though there are some good ones (Mama Cass Elliot, The Three Stooges, Speed Buggy) there weren't enough of the ones I really wanted: Sonny & Cher, Phyllis Diller, Sandy Duncan and Josie and The Pussycats.

So, while I was finding out more information about the DVDs, I also had the misfortune to come across some moron's "review" of the new boxset (Here's an excerpt: Click on any of them to enlarge):

Spelling errors aside (by the way 'occultic' is not a word), this has got to be one of the most ridiculous reviews I have read in a while. Why do I not find it surprising that she likes one of the biggest celebrity hicks ever, Jerry Reed? Rest assured, it gets worse. Apparently this Christian has a one-track mind (gasp!), check out another one of her "reviews":

Yikes. It's not sad enough that she's finding fault with an animated cartoon that was made over 30 fuckin' years ago, but now she's bemoaning the "evils" of fortune telling.OMG, that's fuckin' sad. But wait...it gets better:

"Intolerence shown to christians in america." That one had me laughing out loud. I think I may have even snorted. Yeah, Christians are so persecuted here in America. Statistics show that 80% of Americans consider themselves "Christians," and that includes the Easter Sunday/Christmas Eve/armchair variety. Did so-called Christians ever stop to think they brought this Right-Wing stigma upon themselves? It doesn't matter what it is, they're always there trying to "save" everyone (esp. "the children" their favorite scapegoat) from the "evils" of music, movies, television, books, etc. It's like they're never satisfied. They're like a special needs person who won't rest until the entire world is wheelchair-accessible...and once it is, they'll start in with how skateboarders are mocking handicapped people because they use ramps in their "Xtreme" sports. It reminds me of an episode of Square Pegs where the annoying brown-noser girl was forever tattling/finding fault with and/or correcting someone or something. She raises her hand in class and in a drained way, the teacher says "What is it, Muffy, something?" That's the point I've gotten to with the whole Christian agenda.

I also find it hilariously one-sided how Christians love to collectively pull the word persecution outta their ass anytime something they don't like/agree with comes along. We saw a lot of that this "Holiday" season (AKA Christmas). Are these people ever going to get a life and concentrate on themselves and what makes them happy instead of trying to dictate what should make everyone else happy? I'm so tired of it already.

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