Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Johnny Knoxville & Ryan Dunn

It's late at night and I'm in a Disco/Horror kinda mood as I write this blog: I'm listening to the digital cable music channel "Classic Disco," while simultaneously watching Night of The Living Dead. Thriller has nothing on these zombies! Today's blog entry is purely to get this outta my system, since I am starting to get paranoid that I'm dedicating too much blog space to "dreamy guys." It's like my very own cyber issue of Tiger Beat! On second thought, what if I am? Eh, deal with it.

Today's blog was inspired by today's DVD release of the remake of Walking Tall, co-starring my man Johnny Knoxville. This blog is also about Ryan Dunn. I decided to combine them both into this blog entry since they both are related through the now defunct MTV reality show Jackass. It's weird, but sometimes I am ahead of fads and then sometimes (like in this case) I don't really have much interest in what's "hot" but eventually get around to seeing what all the hype is about and jump on the band wagon (or not). Better late than never! So anyway, Jackass was one of these phenoms that I kept hearing about and meant to catch, but it just didn't happen. Jackass began in 2000, but I didn't catch onto it until a year later when I saw a movie (I think I was the only one who saw it) called Life Without Dick. The movie starred Sarah Jessica Parker, Harry Connick Jr. and some God named Johnny Knoxville. It was lust at first site. I couldn't get enough of him (still can't) and have since bought all of his movies on DVD. Though, I must admit, some are AWFUL. i.e. Men In Black II and Big Trouble spring to mind. Thank God I found them cheap at pawn shops. Though the movies were awful, Johnny always looks good.

Even though I may really like a celebrity (i.e. Johnny Knoxville, Ryan Dunn, Vince Vaughn, Elijah Wood, Ben Affleck, Antonio Banderas, etc.) I'm not oblivious to their ability to do bad movies, make bad choices, etc. So, don't think I don't realize that, say Ben Affleck's Gigli was a total cineturd, 'cause I do. I mean I like these people, but you won't find me pasting a picture of my head over their wedding photos or calling my loofah "Johnny." I'm a visuals person, pure and simple. So, I'm speaking strictly from an eyecandy viewpoint. With that said, I feel better about proceeding.

Back to Johnny Knoxville. What can I say? I loved Jackass. I own both volumes of the series' DVDs and the movie. I'm no stranger to potty humor and some of the stunts made me laugh so hard I cried. Anyone who can make me laugh can't be bad.

Things I like about Johnny: His laid back style, his face (fantastic nose and mouth), his build, his hands and best of all... when he wears his big black-rimmed glasses. MAN! Love that! Again, I don't know what it is about guys with glasses, but it's an affinity I have. Maybe it's some overtly obvious association. i.e. glasses=smart. Though, if you've seen some of Johnny's stunts on Jackass, you may be thinking to yourself "Smart? Well, there goes that theory." Lol!

And then there's Ryan Dunn. I liked him from the first time I saw him on Jackass. Unfortunately, if you've seen him lately on Viva Bam, he's grown some goofy ZZ Top-style beard and all the drinking/partying seems to have taken a toll on his face, which is sad since he's so cute and normally a pretty handsome guy. Don't get me wrong, I dig the facial hair, but the Rip Van Winkle look he's been sporting lately just says "homeless." Not a good look.

Things I like about Ryan: His hair, his face (great nose and mouth), his tattoos and his personality. With Ryan, I always get the impression he's the quiet one that just goes along for the ride. He seems like a nice guy who in turn gets taken advantage of a lot. I could be completely wrong, but that's the impression I get. And for those who have seen the Jackass movie and are thinking they know why I like Ryan Dunn, trust me when I say it has nothing to do with the fact that he stuck a toy car up his ass. Lol! Though hilarious ("I'm spackling" ROTFL!), it didn't make me swoon.

To digress for a minute, I've noticed that when the subject of Jackass has come up in the past and mention that I like Johnny and Ryan in particular, EVERYONE is always surprised, assuming I would dig Chris Pontius instead. I think it's just a case of stereotyping. Because I'm gay I'm automatically drawn to the guy who's perpetually humping the air and wearing a thong? Hardly. Yeah, he has his moments (on the show), but overall, he doesn't do it for me. But then I've never been one to be drawn to the outlandish. I don't like the attention they seem to incite. Then they wonder why they get the shit kicked outta them. Gee, I can't imagine. Derr. No thanks. I like my guys (and friends) to be restrained but self assured, if that makes any sense.


Blogger The Cunning Linguist said...

I used to be a skater a few years back. I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but the whole Jackass group (Pontius, Bam, Brandon, Rake Yon et all) made and starred in a few skate movies. They were called CKY (Camp Kill Yourself), and they released a number of hilarious and somewhat demented videos. The original, Landspeed, and then CKY2K, CKY3 and I think they just released the 4th.

The videos are basically vintage Jackass footage, I believe a few scenes from CKY2K were used on the MTV show. CKY focuses more on skating and (how to put this mildly)... pooping, than on the typical Steve-O/Johnny Knoxville lets-see-how-we-can-maim-ourselves-today premise that was Jackass.

Good stuff, you get to meet Phil before he got used to the daily beatings from Bam, and there are some breathtaking scenes of Iceland in CKY2K (mixed in with some not-so-breathtaking scenes of... well, I won't ruin it for you). Bran's Freestyle about Chinese food is probably one of the funniest things I have ever heard.

Anyhow, thought I'd pass along some info.


Tuesday, September 28, 2004 9:49:00 PM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

Hi! Thanks for the info on the CKY DVDs. I've seen them at the video store and heard about them in chatrooms, but I have yet to see one. Since I am NOT a big fan of Steve-O (but I like to see him get hurt), the fact that he's not a major factor in the CKY DVDs makes them even more tempting. Oh, and I do know CKY, if only for the one song they did on the Jackass: The Movie soundtrack. As a matter of fact, that's where I became fans of Andrew W.K., Sahara Hotnights and Detroit Cobras. The entire CD soundtrack is really great, BTW.

And speaking of skateboarding, I used to subscribe to a magazine (the name escapes me), and during my subscription they changed ownership and became Transworld Skateboarding magazine. Being as into aesthetics as I am, I never got tired of looking at the skater's clothes and skateboards. Some really great design! Personally, I never got into skating, but watching it today, I know I'd dig it. But alas, I am too old to go posing as a skater, so I'll continue to watch from the sidelines. I love the fact that skaters have their own "scene," complete with lingo, music, etc.

BTW, before I forget, you can check out Transworld Skateboarding at:

-Kirk :)

Thursday, September 30, 2004 4:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

YO Man Leave Him Alone MAn Ryan Dunn Looks Goood the way he looks now or anyways shows hes got style something you must not no about but anyayz no ones perfect so peace and Oh yeah Ryan dunn RUlez

Thursday, January 25, 2007 6:25:00 AM  

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