Thursday, February 01, 2007

Good Tiiimes!

Yes, I'm finally back. I originally thought I was back, then I found out that my newly-installed DVD player was playing so dark, it made every movie I watched look like Cabin in the Sky. THEN I discovered that the new used keyboard I bought, had several keys that didn't work. Sooo, I ended up having to take it all back and get them to fix them both. When I initially called to tell them about the DVD issue, they talked to me like I was nuts, arrogantly telling me to "oh, just adjust the contrast/brightness" of my monitor in the preferences panel. Fuckin' DOI! Of course I tried that, but even turned up all the way, you STILL couldn't make out people's faces everything was so dark.

So, I took it back, they "recalibrated" it and a week later, I now have my computer back AND a new, fully-functional keyboard...with the support leg broken off. Delightful. If you're wondering what a "support leg" is, I just made the term up, cuz I really don't know what the official name is. Basically, it's a leg that runs the length of the keyboard that allows me to either keep the keyboard flat on the desk -OR- pull down the leg giving the keyboard a propped up, sloping position (which I prefer). So, I thought "fuck it" and tried to find a replacement online, only to find out that they're no longer being made. The only thing I'm finding that comes remotely close, is some Mac knockoffs called "iKey" keyboards, which come in white (yeah, just what I need, something else to obsessively clean) and look like cheap crap. So, I turn to eBay and eventually find one that is guaranteed to work and looks GREAT. While I'm bitching about my keyboard situation to a friend, (I also tried two local stores who carry Mac products and they both pointed me towards the inferior iKeyboard), I hear "You've got mail!" and find out that she's just wired me money, via PayPal to pay for the keyboard I'd bookmarked on eBay! How nice is that!? It's nice to be overwhelmed sometimes.

I really went through withdrawal, being without a computer for what seemed like an eternity. Not unlike being without transportation, it becomes such a part of your daily routine, then once it's gone, however briefly, it's extremely frustrating. However, I now have my computer back...again, and all systems are go.


Anonymous Cheryl said...

Welcome back, Kotter!

Missed ya!

Monday, February 05, 2007 9:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

Indeed, welcome back, and thanks for the Jerri reference. Everyday starts better with some JB.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 1:39:00 PM  

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