Thursday, January 19, 2006

Quotable Quotes 3

From the movie Mighty Aphrodite:
Scene: Woody Allen's character is attempting to fix up his friend (played by Mira Sorvino) with someone wholesome; a simpleton wannabe boxer who has aspirations of being a farmer...

Mira Sorvino: "What the hell is an onion farmer doing at the gym?"

From the movie Daddy Daycare:
Scene: Eddie Murphy's character upon seeing the petting zoo wreck havoc on the bake sale...

Eddie Murphy:" Wow, goats really love pie."

From the TV show That 70's Show:
Scene: Hyde discussing why there is a statue of Mary on the dashboard of the car Kelso borrowed, supposedly from Kelso's grandmother. Upon more inspection, they are tryin to decide whose car it could be...Kelso's uncle's, maybe?

Hyde: "Isn't he in prison for arson?"
Kelso: "People who burn stuff believe in God too, Hyde."

From the movie Vibes:
Scene: Jeff Goldblum's character is being seduced by a sexy women he met in the hotel lobby.

Sexy Woman: "I have something for you. It's an aphrodisiac. It's made from the horn of rhinoceros and dried rabbit glands.
Jeff Goldblum: "But no sugar, I hope."

From the TV show Roseanne:
Scene: Roseanne is dismayed about her mother moving into a retirement village...
Roseanne: "I don't want you to get old."
Roseanne's mother: "I know, dear."
Roseanne: "'cause you're just dragging me with you and I don't like it!"

From the animated Halloween special The Great Bear Scare:
Scene: Count Dracula makes several unsuccessful attempts to transform himself into a bat.

Count Dracula: "Mumpkin pumpkin, make me a bat!"

From the TV show Living Single:
Scene: Maxine and Kyle trade barbs...

Kyle: "Evil never sleeps."
Maxine: "But Ugly gets plenty of rest."

From the TV show The Facts of Life:
Scene: Jo commenting on Blair's mother's facelift...

Jo: "It's all balogney. They don't call it plastic surgery for nuthin'. You're old, you're ugly, you live with it!"


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