Monday, January 23, 2006

Estate Sale

There was a Ephemera/paper sale this weekend in Fort Worth, but I opted to go to some local estate sale instead. Everything was marked 25% Off, so naturally I managed to find a few things. Grand total: $6.25

[1] I know it may sound weird or melodramatic, but I see a lot of things in life as still lives. This one was in the garage. I'm kicking myself for now buying those scissors. Dammit.

[2] This cracked me up. So 70's. Nice hair helmet! My dad actually had one of these things (the massager, not the helmet o'hair).

[3] "Estate Sale." I normally don't go to estate sales, but then it depends on the neighborhood. If it's an older neighborhood I am SO there 'cause you know some older people lived there and they always have the coolest stuff.

However, estate sales are always kind of a sad affair to me 'cause you know your in someone's home and they're no longer there. Kinda depressing knowing that complete strangers are rootin' around in your stuff. And while I'm thinking about it: Who the hell buys someone's half-empty bottle of shampoo or spices? Freaks.

[4] This is my loot! A cool metal box with a latch and carrying handle. A 2-4 cup coffee pot, new, in the box with power cord, filters, paperwork and even the receipt! My coffee pot is the same brand (Poly Perk) and I love it. A glass baking dish (for making various types of "loaves") and some assorted postcards.

[5] This is one of 3 groovy little mini (approx. the size of a business card) postcards I bought. I thought they were super cute because I'd never seen anything like them before. They were all of New Orleans, which is why I bought them. I guess since the whole Katrina thing, I felt like I was buying a piece of history or something. Come to think of it I also bought a little metal replica of the Twin Towers the day after 9/11. I know it sounds morbid, but I've never been to New York and felt like I should own something that says "New York."

[6] One of my groovy postcards! Fun!

[7] You can't really tell, but this guy's a cutie. Nice legs! Rowr!

[8] I love this postcard. So retro. Makes me wish I'd stayed there.


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