Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Listening to the oldies station and changing the lyrics of The Commodores' Easy (Like Sunday Morning) to "I'm easy, like Lizzie Borden. I'm listening to the oldies station while I clean out closets in the bedrooms, in preparation for the garage sale of the year in about 3 weeks. This crap is OUTTA HERE whether it sells or not. I am not packing this shit up and storing it again for years. If it doesn't sell, it's going to Goodwill. My friend Derik is going to come help me with the garage sale and bring his own boxes of goodies. I am getting rid of A LOT of stuff that I've been keeping for god knows why: stuffed animals, books, magazines, clothes that fit me back in 1988, knick knacks out the wazoo, etc. In the immortal words of Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer, "Enough is Enough!"

I'm done now. Back to the closet (figuratively speaking).

P.s. I'm also finding all kinds of cool shit I thought was lost forever and/or forgot I had, but more about that later. Trust me, it's good. :)

P.s.s. I know! I'll do another installment of "Look What a Found In My Drawers!" at a later date! To see past installments, click here, here or here.


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