Monday, November 13, 2006

Dark Ride

So, there's this thing called Horrorfest that's coming up on the 17th of this month. It's been advertising like crazy, on television, billboards, etc. Oh, by the way, before I get too far ahead of myself, let me tell you what Horrorfest actually is: Horrorfest is a weekend of horror films that are considered to graphic or too disturbing for general audiences. After Dark Films will release "8 Films to Die For" (plus one bonus film) for one weekend only in approximately 500 theaters around the United States.

So, anyway, I dropped by the site to see what the movies were and to see if they were playing any remotely nearby (this shit usually bypasses us completely and goes straight to Austin). The site had no fuckin' information. Every button that might contain actual information about the time/date/location/cost were all "coming soon." Apparently they spent all their money on marketing concepts instead of actually getting the event organized. That was about 5 days ago. I just checked again and now that the event is one week away they actually have information. AND as it turns out, they are showing it in Dallas...BFE Dallas. And you know how much I love to get lost on the freeway in fuckin' Dallas, especially at nighttime.

Needless to say, I won't be going. Sure, I wanna see some of the movies, but once it gets overly complicated (like it already has), I lose interest fast. Besides, they'll all be on DVD before I know it anyway. Still, it would have been nice to see the one I reaaaaaaaaaaally wanted to see, Dark Ride. Here's a brief synopsis: A group of six friends on a road trip stop off at an amusement park attraction named 'Dark Ride', unaware that a psychopath who has just escaped a mental institution for brutally murdering two girls, is seeking refuge there.

The movie appears to have an 80's slasher feel to the plot (think The Funhouse meets My Bloody Valentine). That coupled with a bloody body count tells me I will most-likely totally dig it (like, fer sure really). Plus, the trailer (though way too dark) helps seal the deal.

I'm still not sure why a slasher movie that apparently isn't breaking the mold when it comes to gory murders, is being considered "too graphic/disturbing for general audiences." Looking at stills from the movie, it doesn't seem any more "graphic" than a lot of movies that have been in the theater these last couple of years. Personally, I think it's a marketing ploy and/or these films had trouble finding distribution/representation or something along those lines.

In addition, I also think the killer, Jonah looks genuinely creepy. The movie looks like a throwback to what slashers used to be. I really love the movie poster as well. I miss the "old school" slasher movie posters that weren't afraid to show some blood, unlike the teentacular "hip" bullshit posters that feel compelled to show us the entire cast in domino formation, looking pouty and emo.

Click here to watch the teaser • Click here to watch the trailer


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