Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mental Goulash 13

• I saw a woman waiting to cross a busy intersection last night. She was standing there with both hands on her hips. I nicknamed her Super Pedestrian.

• I'm currently getting ready to have a HUGE garage sale (it's actually gonna be in the front & backyard, but the hell with semantics) in early Dec. I've only emptied the one closet in the dining room and I already wanna run screaming from the house. I still have the back bathroom, laundry room and garage to go. Cross your fingers that I don't come across any rats or mice. I'm such a girl about those kind of 'surprises.' Not that I'm afraid they'll bite me, as much as I'm afraid I'll be startled and impale myself on the nearest blunt object.

• Last night I tried the McRib for the first time ever. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. I esp. liked the BBQ sauce. Now I can cross off "Try a McRib" 'Things to do before I die' list. Inspiring, aren't I?

• I PROMISE that the before/after pictures of my mole removal are forthcoming. The problem is that all my pre-op photos were all too blurry, so now I am having to find a picture of myself (no small task, as I detest having my picture taken) pre-op to go with my post-op photos.

• Today is voting day for state governor, among other things. I voted early (before Halloween), so I'm covered. Not that it will mean anything to any of you, but I didn't vote for Terri Moore, who was running for District Attorney. And here's why: I received her humongous 8.5x11" 'postcard,' and thought the giant blow up of some emo teen girl (selected to insinuate sexual abuse without actually coming out and saying it) and the whole "Save our precious children and grandchildren from child porn predators!" platform was emotional blackmail of the lowest order. "Our children." Whatever. I'm not saying "go fuck a kid," but I am saying don't try to emotionally blackmail me by pulling "But what about the children?" outta your ass for the umpteenth time, THEN insinuate that voting for your constituent is like condoning sexual predators.

Personally, I'm sick & tired of the whole child angle being milked for all it's worth. Enough already! Let's focus on the issues that actually affect everyone, not just people with kids. I spend thousands of dollars in taxes for "our" children to go to school. Where they are and what happens to them is their parents' responsibility (some parents need to get reacquainted with the meaning of that last word).

And don't even get me started on the obligatory "grandchildren" tossed into the mix. Yeah, let's make sure our scare tactics encompass all the generations. What-ever. Utter bullshit!

• Since I am on the Half Price Books mailing list, I receive coupons from them in the mail. They recently sent me a coupon for 50% off one item, so I got the recently-released Thriller DVD boxset ($70 new/$40 used) for a mere $20.00. Woo hoo!

• While channel-surfing the other day (it must be genetic), I caught part of a Country Music video on the CMT channel for a song called Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins. Country music has officially run out of ideas. Aye Carumba. Gimme 70's Pop-Country any day of the week...Crackers in Bed...Two Doors Down...Kiss an Angel Good Morning...

• As a rule, I don't normally shop at CVS Pharmacy. Ever since I saw a Totino's pizza in their freezer section priced at $8. Anyway, I stopped by the other day because they were closer than Walgreen's and it was a matter of convenience (not to mention that I reaaaaalllly had to pee). Annnyway, I bought a big ol' bag of CVS Brand lemon drops for $1.50 and lemme tell ya, I am diggin' 'em! I was drawn to the fact that they were discs and individually-wrapped instead of the regular lemon-shaped/sugar-dusted kind. I still love those, mind you, but they always ends up morphing together into some big candy meteor that I end up throwing away.

• I recently purchased a Brother label printer. It's bright orange to boot! I'm getting such a kick out of it (I have no life).


Blogger Mon said...

I was pretty pissed....when I was enjoying a beer at my local hang out, and the DJ played that honkeytonk badonkadonk. I Was like....is this a joke? WTF? After that it was back to normal, with some Eminem/Akon. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 11:37:00 AM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

Oy, I hear ya. It's just another case of Country music trying to be 'cool' by association. Whatever. That's a BIG reason why I don't like 98% of the new Country music. Sorry, but it's never gonna ne "cool" to me. It is what it is.

Thanks for commenting :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006 6:49:00 AM  

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