Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Riptide Washes Up One More Drama Queen

One of my friends just asked me if I knew anything about the 'Clay Aiken/Kelly Ripa thing.' Since I don't watch morning television, I told him I hadn't, but I'd look around on the Internet to see what it was all about.

So, I Google the two names in a search and apparently there is some drama over Aiken recently guest-hosting with Ripa during Regis' absence. Apparently, during an interview with some people from So You Think You Can Dance With The Stars of American Idol, or whatever the hell is the latest masturbatory incarnation of reality TV that's captured middle America's short-attention span this week. So, during the interview (watched via YouTube), Ripa in her usual spastic, self-centered, faux-interested-mode, completely monopolizes the interview, leaving Aiken to sit there and twiddle his thumbs. It got to the point where Aiken jokingly reached over and covered her mouth and that's when the drama ensued.

Ripa's demeanor changed as she told him "Oh that's a 'no-no.' I don't know where that hand's been, honey!" while taking his hand away from her mouth. Her later excuse had something to do with hygiene and some chivalry BS.

First off, I honestly could give a shit about either of them. Neither one of them register on my Star Scale and never have. I never got the whole American Idol appeal nor Ripa's. However, I have never liked Ripa. I don't find her attractive, talented and/or humorous. I think she's a big spoiled, generic, horse-toothed diva who thinks everything and everyone should revolve around her. The fact that she's had the staying power she has is a monument to the fact that people will watch anything if exposed to it long enough. She should be thanking her lucky stars that her 15 minutes didn't expire a long time ago.

Secondly, what this boils down to is appeal-factor. Ripa obviously has some issue with Aiken. Personally, I think the issue is that she's threatened that someone else might get the attention she so obviously craves. I find it more than a little hard to believe that if the person putting their hand over her mouth was Julian McMahon or one of the hundred other men she's gushed over on the show, that it would have been a 'problem,' much less been handled the way it was.

And last, true to form, the majority of people taking Ripa's side have been using the "How dare you touch that beautiful woman" retaliation, short of calling Aiken a faggot. Gee, that's so original. I love it when people who have zero debating skills go straight for the physical. Example: Rosie O'Donnell recently commented on The View (according to various web sites) that she felt Ripa's behavior was homophobic in nature. Whether it was or not, isn't the point. The point is, I've read multiple comments where people retaliate by calling her 'fat,' 'lesbo,' 'dyke,' and/or Aiken 'gay,' 'fag,' etc. What does that have to do with anything? These are the same ignorant assholes who bitch about Michael Moore whenever one of his documentaries comes out and they don't like the 'message.' Instead of actually making an effort to approach the situation with research, knowledge, etc. to disprove his work, people go straight for the 'fat' comments. It's so ridiculous already. I'm never surprised to see how truly ignorant people are as a whole.

Epilogue: Ripa is now claiming that her remarks had nothing to do with Aiken's sexuality and that it was more a matter of her being a mother of young children and it being cold and flu season.

Apparently being a mommie is free rein for justifying acting like a self important cunt.


Blogger Terri said...

Well, as have have discussed before, there is NOTHING worse than being fat. You could be a serial killer and as long as you are thin, and straight...well it wouldn't be ok but it would be "better" than being fat.

I shall quote a friend of mine my Myspace....I'd rather be a fat fucking genius than a skinny moron....I can always lost weight.

And there is nothing is bad as being Kelly Ripa, unless it's that other chick on the View...Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Hesselback? Who know? Who cares? I'm getting a piece of pie.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 7:36:00 AM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

Ugh...I always forget about Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I hate her too. She's almost as phony and full of shit as Ripa. Good riddance.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 1:56:00 AM  

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