Thursday, March 03, 2005

Magazine Maven

I think I've mentioned this before, but I love magazines: New, used, it doesn't matter. I realize they are just future clutter fodder (trying that fast 5X!), but I never get tired of them. Especially if they have someone I love on the cover and/or great pictures/articles inside. Pictures, mostly. I am a visual junkie!

Magazines I have subscribed to in the past include: Details, Spin, Interview, Reader's Digest, Paper, Seventeen, US Weekly, Bonkers, Flaunt, Star Hits, Rolling Stone and Bikini.

Esquire. New
Appeal Factor: Clive Owen on the cover + accompanying article/photos and Jason Bateman photo feature. Double ROWR!

FILMFAX. Used- Half Price Books
Appeal Factor: The particular issue dedicated entirely to that great Sci-Fi movie This Island Earth. It was the movie of choice for the MST3K movie. Overall, great images, ads and articles.

Paper. New-Subscription
Appeal Factor: I love this magazine. Been a subscriber for nearly 10 years now. It has everything: Fashion reviews, Movie reviews, Book reviews, DVD reviews, Music reviews, Television reviews, Club reviews, interviews, e v e r y t h i n g.

FILMFAX. Used- Half Price Books
Appeal Factor: This issue featured an article about the late Mel Blanc, creator (and voice of) Looney Tunes. Again, great magazine. I miss it. Viva le 80's.

Appeal Factor: This is a relatively new magazine that I REALLY like. Billed as the "#1 entertainment magazine for guys!" Sweet! I'M a guy! AND I love entertainment! The subscription is relatively cheap, as well (somewhere around $7). It also covers pretty much every aspect of pop culture, but in a more mainstream way. Plus, Ethan Hawke looked good and relatively clean, for a change. See? he can be cute when he tries. Pity he rarely tries. I hate it when he gets so thin his cheeks get all Skeletor.

Complex. New
Appeal Factor: Another new magazine I like. It's gimmick is that it is double-sided, so therefore it has the opportunity to have TWO covers. I bought this particular issue for Adrian Grenier. He is just so hot. I own some of his movies: The Adventures of Sebastian Cole and Drive Me Crazy. Dreamy! I think it's the curly hair.

The Advocate. Used- eBay
Appeal Factor: Derr, Johnny Knoxville! You know how much I love him. I must admit though, the cover was tweaked way too much. He has that mannequin-look. He's still hot, but they went overboard. The pictures inside look MUCH better. Gorgeous. I'm generally not a big fan of most gay-themed magazines because they're well, gay. Both literally and figuratively. I must be the only homo on planet Earth who doesn't cream his pants at the mere thought of travel. Eh, go figure.

Details. Used- Half Price Books
Appeal Factor: I think The Rock (AKA: Dwayne Johnson) is classically beautiful. In my opinion, he is one of those rare actors today that has that "old school" Classic Hollywood-look. I know you're probably rolling your eyes right now, but I don't care. He's got a beautiful face. The pictures of him in this issue blew me away.

Men's Health. New
Appeal Factor: Again with the double-sided gimmick. One side was Matthew McConaughey lookin' all skanked out. Too bad, 'cause he can look good when he tries. The other side was why I bought the magazine, though: Jason Bateman. There are also more great pictures of him inside. I'm happy to see him in the spotlight again after the 80's. He looks REALLY hot with a beard. He has great jaw structure. Check him out in the hilarious movie The Sweetest Thing.


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