Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bananas, Hot Dogs & Dynamite, Oh My!

If you grew up between the late 70's to early 80s, you gotta remember all the cool magazines that were distributed by Scholastic Books™ at the time. I know I do. I was talking to a friend recently and we were both reminiscing about the days when the teacher would hand out to the class those wonderful little 2-3 page "catalogs" from Scholastic. If I remember correctly it was usually in the spring and/or fall. I remember fall for sure, because I specifically remember ordering a book of "monster mazes" and something with Snoopy on it, where he had fangs and a cape. I also remember that this was where I first learned to love the Bunnicula series of books written by James and Deborah Howe. To me, though, there will always be only 3 in the series I grew up with: Bunnicula, The Celery Stalks At Midnight and Howliday Inn. For those not familiar with the books, they were about a vampire bunny who sucked the juices from innocent vegetables. Neat!

In addition to all the cool books and posters that you could buy, you could also order magazines, the likes of which were Dynamite (my personal favorite), Bananas (a close second), Hot Dog! (favorite #3), Pizzaz and Supermag. I remember that in one class, the teacher actually passed out the issues of Dynamite for FREE! Wowee! If I remember correctly, it was Mrs. Meason. She was swell. Her daughter turned out to be pretty cool, too (we graduated together). And speaking of posters, believe it or not, Lou Ferrigno (one of my #1 lustmonkeys) actually offers them on his website, still! How awesome is THAT? I still want them. One of these days I will make them mine! I totally remember the one that says "The Hulk Wants You To Have An Incredible Year!" That's exactly what it'd be alright, with Lou on my wall! Dreamy.

Well, in addition to the occasional catalog we would get in class, we also used to have an annual "book fair," which was held in the library. I looked forward to it every year. It was almost as exciting as seeing that box on the teacher's desk that signified that our book orders had finally arrived. I remember it felt so exhilirating just seeing the box opened and all the books inside! I could barely contain myself! I couldn't wait to hold them. Sigh. Good memories.

And for those who have noticed that I snuck a picture of 16 Magazine into the collage, you're pretty sharp! Yes, my love of magazines knows no bounds. I remember loving Star Hits (later changed to Smash Hits), Circus, 16, Bop, Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, Super Teen, Teen Machine, etc. I still run across the occasional copy around the house and enjoy reminiscing at how wonderfully cheesoriffic they were at the time. I think it's the reason I still buy the newer versions like J-14 and whatever others catch my eye.

I remember there used to be another magazine I would buy, but I can't remember the name of it. It was something "Lyrics," and it contained the song lyrics to all the popular songs they played on the radio. Very cool at the time. I also remember loving the magazine "specials" that would come out, and the entire magazines would open up into a gigantic poster. I remember having one of Madonna in all her day-glo glory. It's one of my favorite images of her. You know, the one where she's wearing the lime green sweater. It's a hard picture to find, or I'd hyperlink you to it. Trust me, it's very cool.

Also, do you remember when Fangoria magazine (for those who read it) had centerfold posters inside?! They would be scenes from whatever horror/slasher was hot at the moment. I distinctly remember the one for My Bloody Valentine, An American Werewolf In London and Friday The 13th. I miss that. It was a very cool idea. For they money they charge for a copy of their magazine now (try $8!!), there should still be a centerfold, dammit.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this stroll down magazine memory lane. I know it brought back lots of great memories for me. And for those who now feel the need to own some of these wonderful old magazines, check on eBay. Someone always has copies of Dynamite for sale.


Blogger shells said...

Oh, yes, I remember Dynamite magazine very well. It taught me to lace my shoes funky, among other things.
And I still have a couple of the Scholastic books I got way back then, they were good enough to keep and pass on to my own kids
I love your blog!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 11:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your walk down memory lane just made my day. And Bunnicula! I wonder if it would still be good if I read it now....

- This comment brought to you by the letter E.

Friday, February 04, 2005 8:39:00 AM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

Lol! I'm so glad I'm not alone in my love of Dynamite magazine! That is so cool that you remember that you first learned to tie your shoes the funky-fresh way, with Dynamite. I totally know what you're talking about, too. Shoelaces were a very big deal at the time, both literally and figuratively.

I totally (wow, I AM a child of the 80's) have a lot of my Scholastic books, as well. I still cherish them, too. Every once in a while when I run across one at the used book store that I no longer have (or can find) (most recently: The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden), I pick up a copy.

I'm glad you like my blog. Likewise! I reciprocated the link! You should have told me that you linked to me! Thanks for commenting!

Hurray! I was hoping someone besides me, would experience a blast from the past! You honestly made MY day by saying I made your day (did that make sense?)!

I looooooved Bunnicula. I even remember back in the early 80's when the ABC Weekend Special presented an animated version! It had the same fun, yet dark, feel of the books. Lots of fun! I think they actually sell it at Toon

You know what, I bet it IS still just as good today as it was then.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

Friday, February 04, 2005 1:02:00 PM  
Blogger Tisha from Texas said...

Oh My GOSH! Do I remember Dynomite? PUH-LEASE!! WHat about Teen Beat? Oh, the nights I stared at Shawn Cassidy and wondered if he would wait for me to turn 18...and then he married Jennifer Pennington. Funny I still remember her name!
Great BLOG!!! You have such an eclectic assortment of buttons - reminds me of my fridge with magnets.
Come see my blog for boring visuals but pretty funny stories all things considered.

Friday, February 04, 2005 6:02:00 PM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

You're post made me smile. :) I'm so glad someone else shares the same enthusiasm for the "classics" like I do. Of course I remember Teen Beat! I remember thinking John Schneider ('Bo' from The Dukes of Hazzard) was super-dreamy and being completely baffled by Leif Garrett's appeal (I'm still trying to figure that one out). Ah, the good times. Siiiiiigh

Thanks for the nice compliment, I'm glad you like my blog. Funny you should mention my button assortment. I've always sorta reminded me of my fridge, too!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm going to your blog right now! :)

Sunday, February 06, 2005 2:41:00 PM  

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