Thursday, February 24, 2005

Australian Teen Surfer Killed by 2 Sharks

Okay, okay, I realize this happened back on December 16th, but since it didn't receive much media attention, I thought perhaps some of you may not have heard/read about it. Besides with Christmas coming and all, I just got sidetracked when it came time to posting about it.

I realize that as a society we've all become somewhat desensitized to real-life violence because of our constant access to various mediums (TV news, movies, newspapers, the Internet, etc.). And even I'll admit I couldn't help but flash on images from the Jaws films when I read it, but can you imagine being witness to something like this in real life? I'd either soil myself or learn to fly. Very scary and very sad.

ADELAIDE, Australia - Two great white sharks attacked and killed a surfer while his friends watched in horror Thursday off a popular beach in the southern Australian city of Adelaide, authorities said.

The 18-year-old man had fallen from a surfboard being towed by a power boat when the sharks attacked off West Beach mid afternoon, South Australia state Sea Rescue Squadron spokesman Fraser Bell said.

One shark tore the victim in half and the second shark took the remains, witnesses said.

Two of the three 16-year-old boys who were in the tow boat witnessed the attack and received medical treatment for shock.

Police and state emergency services said there had been no sign of the victim or the sharks since the mid afternoon attack despite extensive searches of the coast.

Bell said the sharks, also known as white pointers, were between 15 and 17 feet long. They attacked about 250 yards from a crowded beach.

"He fell off the surfboard and the shark appeared and took him," Bell told reporters.

"It tore him apart ... apparently it tore him in half and the other shark came in and took the rest."

A woman on the beach who was not named told Seven Network television the shark that led the attack "caught his left arm and took him around the boat and then another shark has come in and they just took him to pieces."

The group of four friends, all from Adelaide, had been on the water for just 30 minutes before the attack.

Asked if there were any chance the victim had survived, Bell replied, "None whatsoever".

State police chief inspector David Lufty said beaches in the area would remain closed as the search continued for the killer sharks.

The tragedy is the second shark fatality in Australian waters within a week.

A 38-year-old man was killed by a shark while spearing fish on the Great Barrier Reef off northeast Australia on Saturday.

To read more fascinating (yet grim) true stories about shark attacks all over the world, go here.

While in the midst of researching sharks and their various breeds, I ran across one that truly creeped me OUT. It's called a Goblin Shark and let me tell you, I think I'd make more than a little 'deposit' in my swim trunks if this thing showed up. Fuckin' CREEPY!

According to my research, the Goblin Shark is "not dangerous to humans." However, I think it may be hazardous to my heart health. *Click on the image for more detail.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why I do not go in the ocean.

I don't invite sharks, fish, and other slimy things into my house, and I don't want to go into their's.

I generally avoid any environment where things live that could eat me.

Thursday, February 24, 2005 7:25:00 PM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

I hear that! As a rule of thumb, I don't like to submerge myself into anything that either doesn't have a bottom that I can see/touch or has living things (esp. with teeth) in it. Lol! Creepy! Even lakes creep me out ever since my senior year in high school. Some friends and I went to the lake for the day and while swimming near the dock, the water temperature where the tips of my toes were was much colder and I could feel underwater plants tickling my toes. At least, I HOPE it was plants. Creeped me out!

Thanks for dropping by and commenting! :)

Thursday, March 03, 2005 7:18:00 AM  

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