Thursday, August 24, 2006

No More Words

My art archives are boundless. I even have a 'Text' folder archive, of misc. text that either made me laugh, tried my patience or just made me cringe. These are those. Though they're all pretty self-explanatory (hint: mad spellin' skillz), I feel the need to elaborate on a few of them:

[1] If and when you buy on eBay and/or, do not buy anything from this seller: 'cashhouse1.' I trusted that this a-hole's description was accurate when I ordered and paid for the Incredible Hulk DVD boxset. Boy was I wrong! I was okay with the fact that the DVD digipack was missing it's outer sleeve, but his description of "normal wear" to the DVDs and digipack case was a complete and total lie. The digipack was beyond destroyed and the DVDs were scratchtastic. NEVER AGAIN. *Note: It pays to use to see all the seller's NEGATIVE and Neutral feedback before you buy from them. I normally do this, but I let this one transaction slip between my fingers.

[2] If Carrot Top and Toni Collette mated

[3] I came across this personal ad on some gay personals site, during a random search a while back. Depressing, infuriating...

[4] Backstory: This little 2-year old boy went missing a few months ago in a nearby town's public park. He was with his 4-year old brother at the time, but when the brother emerged from the wooded area where they'd been playing, the little boy was not in tow. A huge search party consisting of both the authorities and local people searched for him for days, but to no avail. On the last day of searching, one of the search dogs picked up the little boy's scent, but at one point it just seemed to "disappear." The police said that this indicates that the little boy must have been picked up, so now it's considered a kidnapping case.

And don't even get me started on why in the world a parent would let their 2-year old go play in a wooded area unsupervised. Sad, sad, sad.

SO, I get this 'friend request' via MySpace, a few weeks ago. I saw the picture and automatically recognized the little boy's picture from the news, and was instantly creeped out. THEN I went to the MySpace page and was turned off even more by the fact that the person who created the page actually chose a song called 'Where Have You Gone' (it has since been deleted by the artist, thank God) to play on the profile page. WTF? I understand and commend the heart of the concept, but there is such a thing as bad taste.


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