Monday, August 14, 2006

Isn't it Romantic?

I know I don't get all mushy about love 'n stuff, but today you're in for a special treat. Recently, while browsing profiles over on MySpace, I ran across this song on someone's profile and it really made me swoon. Just when you think romance is dead, the perfect love song comes your way. This one's for the ladies...

Ms. Pretty Pussy by Plies
(Also available as a ringtone!)

She got a pretty little pussy
And she can get it hot and gushy

Ms. Pretty Pussy (pretty pussy)
She can get it hot and gushy (hot and gushy)
Ms. Pretty Pussy (pretty pussy)
I like the way you twerk it for me, Ohh ( X2 )

You got the pretty set of pussy lips I've never seen
If I want to eat you, I can eat you cause your pussy clean
I thought it was all hair, that pussy sat up in those jeans
But now I got you naked I can see how that pussy hang
I better snap out this shit, or I'ma do the wrong thang
I wanna fuck you raw that pussy like is everything
Now all I wanna know, that pussy get real wet
You got a soaker I got to run my tongue cross your chest
Or I can rub on your clit and just play with ya neck
And let me slide my finger in that pussy just to check
Ain't bout who spendin the most money, its bout who fuck the best
I'm a high bitch who a freak baby when it comes to sex


Nice pink, pussy same color as cotton candy
That pussy smell like water, ain't no smell in it
A clean muhfuka she run to the shower when we finish
Little mama got a snapper, pussy be bite'n while I'm in it
A tight pussy, seems like she ain't been fucked in a minute
I like to look at it while we fuckin I can see those lips grippin
Seems like that pussy get wetter, when them toes to the celing
And while she steady moanin, shit I'm steady diggin
And fuck her ever long, I can see that pussy from that position
that pussy so good I wish I was able to take this pussy with me
Just let me lay my head on this pussy for a minute
You got the pretty little best I'd done got period


Cuz, you ever had a bitch dawg
When she that shit it off dawg, and get naked cuz
Pussy just flawless dawg
Talk bout pussy just sit up like a mango dawg
Pussy get supa wet dawg
Pretty lips on the pussy nigga done ever seen cuz
I'm fucked up homie, I seen this here cuz
This over here just fuckes me up dawg, for real dawg
I had to write this one man
Ms. Pretty Pussy, I'll fuck with ya dawg

Dade County! Fuck wit cha boi Mightus!

*Personally, I think he should change his name to 'Piles,' cuz that's what this song is: a big pile.


Anonymous thelushlife said...

So reminiscent of the works of Cole Porter! Nothing screams glamour like the repetive use of the word "pussy".

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 10:39:00 PM  

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