Sunday, April 24, 2005

Are You Sitting Down? Get a Load of This...

I don't know how many of you out there have gotten wind of the latest bullshit passing itself off as news, but just in case, here's some copy on the story, courtesy of ABC News, who also has the video footage, just click the hyperlink:

ST. PETERSBURG - How young is too young to be handcuffed?

That's the question that school officials, parents, and police are asking in the wake of the videotaped arrest of a 5-year-old girl at her St. Petersburg school.

March 14, Fairmount Park Elementary School teacher Christina Ottersbach set up a camcorder to record herself teaching for future evaluation. She ended up recording nearly a half-hour of video showing 5-year-old Ja'eisha Scott alternately lashing out and quietly ignoring her teachers' instructions.

The footage starts in Ottersbach's classroom, where assistant principal Nicole Dibenedetto and teacher Patti Tsaousis are trying to calm Ja'eisha down and get her to clean up a mess that she has made. Ottersbach had pulled her other students out of the room because of the girl's unseen outburst, leaving just the three.

"This is your mess to clean up. We need you to stop. You may not do this," Dibenedetto patiently but firmly tells the girl, who stubbornly refuses.

Eventually, Ja'eisha did start cleaning up the mess, but after that, she refused to leave the room. Only when Dibenedetto and Tsaousis asked her to make a choice before they counted to five did she finally leave with them.

Things evidently did not improve after that, however. The tape cuts to Dibenedetto's office, which has been trashed, apparently by Ja'eisha. She is seen ripping papers off the wall and refusing Dibenedetto's requests to stay in a chair.

Ja'eisha even becomes violent at that point, taking countless swings at Dibenedetto, who only puts her hands up to block the girl's punches. The only other time the assistant principal touches the girl is when she lifts Ja'eisha off a table she had twice climbed upon.

Shortly after that, voices are heard saying that police have arrived. Ja'eisha sits in the chair pouting as three uniformed St. Petersburg police officers walk in.

"Do you remember me?" one of them asks Ja'eisha. "I'm the one who told your mom I'd put handcuffs on you."

The officers followed up on that threat, pulling the girl from the chair and handcuffing her behind her back. The anguish on the Ja'eisha's face is evident in the tape, which cuts off seconds after she starts screaming.

Watching just the last few seconds of the tape before the girl is handcuffed, it is difficult to understand why the officers took that step. The 25 minutes of tape before that provide some context, but not enough for the girl's family.

"The police officers' actions are way over the top. Three police officers having to forcibly handcuff a 5-year-old little girl? I mean, come on," attorney John Trevena stated. "Is there anything more that needs to be said about that?"

No charges were filed against Ja'eisha, but Trevena -- who released the video to the public -- promised legal action against the police department and possibly the school on behalf of the family.

But school administrators and police both seemed to enjoy support from their colleagues when pressed by Action News.

"There are times when you have to physically restrain the child or contain the child in a situation like that. And we think she did that appropriately, based on the circumstances," superintendent Dr. Ron Stone said of Dibenedetto's conduct.

Hillsborough County school psychologist Dr. Tracy Schatzberg agreed that the situation had reached a point where school officials had no choice but to turn to police.

"I think she's doing a good job of staying calm and redirecting the little girl. She really only puts her hands on the little girl when she gets onto the table and is in jeopardy of getting hurt," Schatzberg observed as she watched the tape. "I think at a certain point, if we've given her this long and we know that she's not de-escalating and we're confident that we can't help her -- which it looks like they tried to do -- it seems like calling police is the last resort."

St. Petersburg police would not comment on the incident, pending an internal investigation that was expected to be completed within two weeks. But every other police agency Action News spoke with on Friday agreed that while it may not be advisable, there can be times that it is appropriate to handcuff a child.

"The use of handcuffs is a very effective way," added Sgt. Laura Regan of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, who admitted having to handcuff an elementary school girl before to keep her from biting people. "It doesn't hurt the child; it gets their hands behind their back and stops the action that is hurting other people."

"It depends on the circumstances. What is this child or kid doing that he is so out of control that he has to be restrained?" Tampa police spokesman Joe Durkin said. "You don't know until you're in that situation."

Boy, times have really changed. Nothing like this ever happened when I was growing up. Oh yeah, I NEVER ACTED LIKE THIS! Ridiculous. Here's my opinion. "Ja'eisha" needs the shit slapped out of her. I am so sick and tired of supposed "parents" dropping the ball when it comes to disciplining their children, then people like educators, private citizens, the governement and authorities get put in the position to deal with them. THEN getting sued or scrutinized for the way the situation was handled. Complete and utter bullshit. And you know this ain't some isolated incident. If she's acting this way at school, you KNOW she acts this way at home.

With all the lawsuits and abuse of the first amendment, children today have no respect for teachers, their parents, etc. Remember when you were little and being sent to the principle MEANT something? Remember when the principle could paddle you? And this little "girl" is just 5 years old! Not even kindergarten age yet. At this rate, wtf is she gonna be like by the time she hits junior high? Fuck it. I say flush her and count your losses.

Fuck this text-book "time-out" method. I've been to enough public places to see that it doesn't work. Too many parents are too afraid to be perceived as being ogres by complete strangers, friends and/or family members. And you know what? Those people don't have to live with the tantrums, screaming/kicking scenes and verbal abuse, so fuck them. Mind your own goddamn business.

These types of out-of-control kids need a good spanking. A Cyber Survey taken by the Detroit News, earlier this year, showed that 84.20% of parents claim they spank their children as a form of discipline. The other 15.80% say they did not. I find this survey more than a little hard to believe. One of the reasons being that I see, firsthand, how kids act in public on a regular basis. Secondly, these moron's response to this particular news story on a message board:

I guess a timeout was out of the question?
Sounds like the police in Florida like to scare little kids. i.e. Elian Gonzalez
My tax money is being used to pay these idiots. They should be fired.
The kid needs behavioral education not cuffs.

However I'm hopeful when I see people comment, who aren't deluded bleeding-hearts:

I opt for a good ole fashion wood shed, forget the cuffs, she's a BRAT.
I saw where the mother has hired a lawyer.........she should be punishing the child for her misbehavior!!
Response by another poster: Nawww...that would be to logical and mom wouldn't rake in a bunch of money. You should be GLAD you retired...with the way our children are becoming. was either hand cuffs or a good spanking...and the person doing the spanking would been given the death sentence.
Describing this child's conduct as "unruly" is a gross understatement!
I just saw the video. The child was out of control and would not settle down until the LEOs took command of the situation. She has had previous behavior problems where police were required to intervene. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the kid was a crack baby.
In the old days she would have gotten a spanking.
I raised this day they would not think of behaving like that. All is took was a look and they knew THE LOOK. I know people didn't cringe when they saw my kids coming. I've had a kid like that at my house, they were asked not to return and if they did take her to the nearest kennel first. They did not return....THANK GOODNESS!!
I wouldn't be a teacher in todays schools for all the tea in China.
I say spank the parents.
This one deserved far more than a good scare. Watch the video.

The world and its' inhabitants have all gone insane. I deliberately don't blog about this stuff more often because the insanity of it all just makes for higher blood pressure. Ech. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Hopeless.


Anonymous Dave2 said...

If I would have acted like this at home, I would have gotten the shit beat out of my ass with a belt.

If I would have acted like this at school, I would have gotten the shit beat out of my ass with a paddle.

But that was back in the good-old-days when parents and teachers didn't have to be afraid of a 5-year old suing THEIR ass (which is a lot more painful than a beating). Somebody needs to bitch-slap the lawyer who ends up taking this case... hard.

Sunday, April 24, 2005 10:27:00 AM  
Blogger Mamacita said...

Stupid kid. Stupid parents. Stupid anyone who doesn't think things like "It's about time" and "The kid had it coming to her," etc. Political correctness indeed. Kudos to the cops, my middle finger to anyone who thinks the kid "deserved kindness, not scare-tactics." Having the shit scared out of her was EXACTLY what she needed. Stupid kid.

Whoa. I don't usually go on like this.

Stupid kid. Stupid, violent, STUPID kid.

Sunday, April 24, 2005 12:51:00 PM  
Blogger Mariana said...

I'm with the person who said: I say spank the parents. If for every time the child committed some crime her parents ended doing the time/paying the penalty they would start disciplining her in jippy.

Sunday, April 24, 2005 12:59:00 PM  
Blogger nccountry said...

I agree with you! The kid needs to be spanked and spanked hard! If i would of acted like that when i was younger, my mom would of backslapped me into next week! She didn't play!

Sunday, April 24, 2005 9:54:00 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

While I don't agree with spanking, I totally support the decision of the police to handcuff this child. She was obviously out of control. She needed to be taught that hitting and defying a teacher is a serious matter.

She obviously isn't used to discipline at home. Like I said, I don't agree with spanking. But spanking isn't really what discipline is all about. Discipline is about teaching a child self-control and that there are consequences for your actions. My brother has never been spanked in his life (he's 16 years younger than me, and my mom decided she didn't like spanking anymore, lucky him ;-)). But he is really well behaved and would never act like this because he has been taught that there are negative consequences for bad behavior through loss of priveleges, belongings, grounding, etc. It's a shame that so many people are willing to conceive children, but not take the responsibility to turn them into adults that can function in the real world.

Monday, April 25, 2005 12:53:00 AM  
Blogger Terri said...

Disciplining a child takes an effort, energy, time, committment, something many "parents" (and I use that term loosely) do not want to give. They want everyone else to raise their child (It Takes A Village style), and then they can sue you anytime they don't agree with the way it is. You should work in the childcare business like I do, you would be amazed at the 2 year olds who rule the roosts are their home and think they will at mine as well. They are shocked to hear the word "No." Even more shocked when they find out I mean it. I know everyone always says "Every generation thinks the youth of their time is the worst" but come on now, you have to agree that children are really out of control now. I think the school should sue the mother.

Monday, April 25, 2005 9:38:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Crap, batman! Can you believe this fucking shit? Almost as messed up as that little girl, someone is playing the race card here! Check it out:

Aye-yi-yi... Ja'eisha, lil' girl, you got off easy this time. There are consequences for your actions. Better to start learning that sooner than later. And word to the mother, you selfish bitch: take that responsibility already. It may seem like a bitter pill to swallow now that you've been made a national example of failed parenting, so if you want to continue cheating your child, go ahead with your frivolous lawsuit. It would be laughable if a young girl's future wasn't in your hands.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 1:30:00 AM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

I hear ya. I remember my mother telling me about ONE time I threw a tantrum at the grocery store, but after getting my ass busted, I never acted out again. And I just thought my parents were being typical parents when they told everyone how well-behaved I was, but it's true. The one thing my dad always told people was "Kirk was always good about hearing the word 'no.' If he wanted something and we told him 'no,' he accepted it and that was that." Man, I can't tell you how many times I've heard kids today get told 'No' and the huge fuckin' screaming/kicking/crying/whining match that follows. I've even overheard parents tell their children that they will reward them by buying them the item they are throwing a tantrum over, IF they stop throwing the tantrum and promise to "behave." What? Now we're rewarding out kids for doing what they're told? Ridiculous! Thanks for commenting!

I agree with ya. I'm so tired of everyone being a 'victim' of something. From everything from oppression to the Quaker Oats Man. Enough already! Do your jobs people!

And trust me, you didn't "go on" half as long as I did in real like! Lol! God, this one pissed me OFF!! Thanks for commenting!

Yep, this bullshit 'behaviour' starts somewhere, so why not nip it in the bud? However, I have to put a heapin' dose of responsibility on the kid as well. She's no victim. Surely she can look around and see what is and isn't acceptable behaviour. I still contend she needs the shit slapped outta her. Thanks for commenting!

True, spanking isn't for everyone. Mainly because each child is different. Some kids respond to it and some kids don't. Where one kid who has a room full of toys and/or enjoys doing few things with others, a grounding or loss of privileges may be nothing more than a detour to their continued behaviour. On the other hand, the ones like this who are insanely in need of a spanking, should get one. A "time out" really isn't going to phase her if she's already ignoring you to begin with. I say get her attention with a paddle. Thanks for commenting!

Oh Terri, you know parents today are great. What are you talking about? That's just crazy talk...NOT!

Oh man, I can't imagine taking care of children for a living. It'd be like that movie The Last Supper all over again, but on a much smaller scale.

Oh, and I TOTALLY believe that a lot of children "rule the roost" at home. I see it out in public and on Supernanny, all the time. It's ludicrous that people even get to the point where their child is calling the shots. That's some lazy bullshit. And with the wonderful stream of prescription drugs constantly parading themselves across out TV screens on a regular basis, it's just a matter of time before these little bundles of joy are medicated. Ugh. Another patch on an already overloaded problem.

And I agree, this ISN'T one of those sterotypical cases where it's a generational thing, kids today ARE outta control. And you know what? I blame the parents, society, the media, politics, big business, etc. They've all had their role in it whether we want to believe it or not. Thanks for commenting!

Aaaaiiiggghh! You really want my head to explode don't you? Lol! It was only a matter of time before someone chalked this bullshit up to "race" or "oppression." What-the-fuck-ever. I've talked about this before. Bullshit rhetoric like this will never change because every 'minority' on the planet thinks someone somewhere owes them something. I say fuckin' move on with your life, stop living in the past and stop expecting some bullshit reparations for something that happened decades ago. Ech.

And your right. "Ja-eisha's" mother is a selfish bitch. I love how parents are so excited to break the good news about their impending "blessed" event, when it first happens. Accept mountains of gifts from showers, friends and well-wishers...Then they find out that there's more to parenthood than cumming in an orifice and getting presents. It's actually WORK. Time-consuming work. And that "sucks." Well tough taquitos, Shequan! That's how it works. don't expect someone else to do the work for you. Thanks for commenting!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005 11:12:00 AM  

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