Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Fort Worth, Texas

[1] St. Patrick Cathedral in downtown Fort Worth. Built in 1888.

[2] One of the ornate doorknobs on the church.

[3] One of the gutters on the east side of the church. Notice the ornate ivy metalwork covering the windows.

[4] One of the many beautiful statues and stained glass windows inside the foyer of the church. SO many beautiful stained glass windows.

[5] One of the ornate hinges on the door of the front entrance.

[6] A wheelchair-accessible entrance on the east side of the church.

[7] A picture of the Fort Worth skyline, taken from behind the church. Lots of beautiful trees.

[8] The domed area of the Fort Worth Convention Center in downtown Fort Worth, just down the street from the St. Patrick Cathedral. It was a really beautiful day. Perfect weather.


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