Thursday, January 20, 2005

Of Ducks 'n Donuts

Yes, yes, I know that it's been a while since I posted one of my digital photo collages, but to be honest, I just haven't been anywhere. Well, since my dad came to stay with me for a few days (it seemed much longer, but that's another story) last week, I now have enough images to make one of my famous collages. I know you missed them because I got hundreds of tens of requests for them (I'm lying). So here we are, the first digital photo collage of the year.

[1] This is the nearby produce place that I love to shop at. They always have beautiful produce and are one of the few places I can find sesame sticks (I'm addicted). They also go all out during Halloween, with one of the best pumpkin selections in town.

[2] SIGH. He's so dreamy. This is one of the many Italian/New Yorker-types who runs the best place to get a slice of pizza in town, Nizza Pizza. Actually, the majority of the guys who work there are pretty doggone cute. He could lose the jewelry though. You know how I feel about manjewelry.

[3] This is the pizza of which I speak. Two slice of of piping hot, crispy perfection!

[4] This is some weirdo hook thingy that's hanging in one of my dad's old warehouses. I always thought it looked cool but had always forgotten to bring my camera with me. Until now! He used to own a butcher shop, so I THINK this may have hung meat in the cooler.

[5] This is Snapple-Man. He stirred his fuckin' tea so long I thought he was churning butter. I kid you not, it sounded like a horse running in place on cobblestones. Relax, mister, it's just a beverage.

[6] This is my orange juice and sausage kolaches from the nearby Shipley's Donuts. They've been in business forever and I love this particular location. It feels very much like a small town place where you can see "the locals" gathering to read the newspaper, gossip and/or enjoy a hot cup of coffee. I used to get kolache and knish mixed up. I love a good knish, too.

[7] I HAD to take a picture of this on my most recent outing to the local library. If for nothing else, to educate the youngsters who may be reading my blog. This is what we used to use to type up our essays for English class. This was also the source of one of my classes in high school. It's called an electric typewriter. This particular coin-operated model is available for use at your local library.

[8] I love newsstands. I remember we'd ALWAYS stop by one either before or after church and get a Sunday paper and sometimes I'd get a comic book or a magazine. Sadly, you don't see too many newsstands anymore and I miss them. This is a view of the counter at the newsstand that I like to frequent.

[9] These are some of the fresh donuts at Shipley's. Krispy Kreme is good, but Shipley's donuts seem more homemade. Less processed. It's a good thing.

[10/11/12] And last but not least: The Ducks. Yep, these are some of the ducks that I feed on a regular basis at a nearby pond. I call 'em "those crazy kids." They crack me up and seeing their little butts waddle from side to side when they run up to me, just makes me smile. I found out, to my surprise, that ducks LOVE Honeycomb cereal. I had half a box of cereal that went stale on me, so I brought it with me, along with the leftover bread, hot dog buns, etc. and they went bananas over it! Who knew? As you can see, I've also pointed out my 2 favorite ducks. The first one is what I think is called a Crested Duck. Whatever he/she is, they crack me up. Reminds me of an old fussy church lady wearing a hat (think Aunt Esther from Sanford & Son). I'm not sure what breed my second-favorite duck is, but he/she's really sweet. They kinda look like they're wearing eyeshadow. I just want to hug 'im and pet 'im and call him George. Cutie ducks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A coin-operated typewriter?!? I didn't know such a thing existed.

So how much do you have to pay and how much time do you get?


Thursday, January 20, 2005 9:17:00 AM  
Blogger Mariana said...

Those ducks have such lovely faces... And I hadn't seen an electric type writer in a long time.

Thursday, January 20, 2005 2:25:00 PM  
Blogger Cheeky Prof said...

A bit late commenting on this one but had to wait until thinking about food didn't make me want to spew.

I fucking LOVE kolache! Hardly anybody else knows about them, you know. Well, you do b/c you're in Texas and there's a huge Czech population there. I'm Czech and grew up on these things. My grandma used to make them, they were served at every wedding I attended... When I went to the Univ. of Okla. to do grad work my best friend went to UT a year later, the first time I drove down 35 to Austin to visit her I thought I was in heaven because there were little bakeries off the highway selling--yes, the pastry of the gods--kolache.

Now there is some smart guy starting a franchise of kolache shops called the Kolache Factory. When we drove down to Louisville last March for a dog show (don't ask) we spent an hour getting lost trying to find the damn place but I was determined. And damn it, we brought home 2 dozen kolache!

Oh, and unrelated, LMAO about the Aunt Esther reference. Who the hell else remembers Sanford and Son?!

Saturday, January 22, 2005 6:23:00 PM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

Yep! It's 25¢ for 10 minutes of typing pleasure. Neat, huh?

Yes, they do have lovely faces. They're pretty good kids. The geese, on the other hand, are pretty agressive and the seagulls are a real pain in the ass.

I miss my old electric typewriter. I'd still use it if I could. For letters and such. Though, I must admit, I usually prefer to hand-write my letters.

Hurray! A fellow kolache lover! I didn't realize they were of Czech origin. I just considered them to be of delicious origin. lol. But, seriously, I have a Czech guy fetish. They are always so beautiful.

I loved LaWanda Page! She was my favorite thing about Sanford & Son. Her stand-up was SO nasty, but I loved it. She made me laugh 'til I cried.

Monday, January 24, 2005 6:45:00 PM  

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