Thursday, May 11, 2006

Book Sale Finds

Better Homes and Gardens Casserole Cook Book © 1970
Collector's Guide to Cartoon & Promotional Drinking Glasses by John Hervey © 1992
First Films: Illustrious, Obscure and Embarrassing Movie Debuts by Jami Bernard © 1993
The Calvert Party Encyclopedia: Your Complete Guide to Home Entertaining
Scary Tales Vol. 9, No. 36 © 1983
Grimmy Inc.: My Dad Was a Boxer by Mike Peters © 1999
A Newberry Halloween: A Dozen Scary Stories by Newberry Award-winning Authors © 1998
Batman: The Caped Crusader's Greatest Adventures
The Manly Handbook by David Everitt and Harold Schecter © 1982
* Isn't it weird what becomes "collectible" and what doesn't? I think I paid maybe 50¢ for this and it sells for $20 and up on eBay. Maybe it's because one of the authors now exclusively writes books about serial killers. LOL! How strange is that?! I thought the name sounded familiar.
Tomart's Price Guide to McDonald's Happy Meal Collectibles by Meredith Williams © 1993
Never Get Too Personally involved With Your Own Life by Tom Wilson © 1975

*Not Shown:
Famous Brands: Chocolate Classics © 1985


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