Sunday, May 15, 2005

Weird Words

Every once in a while I'm come across some weird text that either makes me laugh or puzzles me. Here are one of each:

This was on a survey I had to fill out online, in order to get a free sample of Tide Coldwater. Naturally, like any SANE person, I chose #3 (though #2 is somewhat plausible, too), but #1 made me laugh. WTF? What kind of cuckoobird walks up to complete strangers and regales them with tales of how they got the skidmarks out of their underwear? Reminds me of those commercials from the 70's where a man with a microphone came upon unsuspecting women at the grocery store or Laundromat and offers to buy an article of clothing from them! Lol!

This one I ran across by accident while trying to find out how many flavors of Hamburger Helper there are (35, BTW). Anyway, various people had posted on the forum about their favorite flavor and/or specific HH-related memories. Well, this one stuck out and kinda pissed me off (hard to believe, isn't it?), while puzzling me at the same time.

First off, my first impression was that since her husband grew up on it, that he liked it. So this led me to ask why would something your husband/wife/etc. grew up with be "banned" from your house? Why try to disguise something that already tastes good as-is?

Then I started thinking "Oh, maybe he didn't like it, and even if he didn't, why would you stop eating something you like just because your spouse doesn't like it?" My mom does this special meal bullshit with my father and I think it's ridiculous. He "has" to have a home-cooked meal (canned and/or frozen is "yucky," forget the fact that it's time-saving) 3X a day and doesn't "like" leftovers (well, la dee-frickin'-da!). Yet, he can always find something that could have been done to make the meal "better." You know what I'd say to that? Either A) "Kiss my ass, Dorothy, this ain't Oz. Take it or leave it." or B) "Congratulations, it looks like you'll be eating a lot of sandwiches, jackass." Aiiggghh! Why do women from that time period (in particular) allow themselves to be such fuckin' doormats? I'll never understand it. Sad that she'll have to wait for him to drop dead before her life can "begin," but then she's the one putting up with it. Whatever.

Okay, venting is over. Go about your daily routine.


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