Monday, May 16, 2005

Monsters, Muscles & Milkshakes

[1] Count Yorga, Vampire movie pressbook. © 1970. How cool is this? It's filled with all kinds of B&W images like they would use in the newspaper for the movies/drive-in ads! I love it!

[2] Starstruck: The Wonderful World of Movie Memorabilia by Robert Heide and John Gilman. © 1986. Filled with tons of great images of movie premiums. Still had it's original dustjacket! I love when that happens.

[3] Diary of a Witch by Sybil Leek. © 1968. Found this one at the thrift store for a whopping 50¢. It too still had its' original dustjacket! Seems like an interesting read. As one reviewer put it "It dispels (no pun intended!) any preconceived notions, most of which are negative, you may have about witchcraft. Sybil certainly lead a very interesting life or she's a great story teller. Which ever way you look at it, if you are open minded I am sure you'll enjoy this book."

[4] Easy Way To Draw by Walter Lantz. © 1958. I started to begin this description as "I love my Woody," but then decided against it because that would be inappropriate and I know that you've come to expect much, much more from me than a bad pun (as he gets struck by lightening). So, instead I'd like to say I am a big fan of Woody Woodpecker and his friends Chilly Willy, Andy Panda, etc.' Also, Deborah Foreman wore a Woody Woodpecker pin in the opening scene of one of my favorite 80's movies, Valley Girl!!

I found this great (lightly used) book in the "Vintage" section of the local Half Price Books, and just HAD to get it. It always surprises me when cool books like this are so inexpensive ($5!). It's hard cover and has SUCH great illustrations inside. I love it.

[5] Can't Stop The Music: Movie Soundtrack LP © 1980. I feel compelled to defend this purchase, but I won't. You already know my love of all things kitsch and cheesy knows no bounds. Besides, it was in the clearance rack for just 50¢!!

I also LOVED that it still had the original coupon inside to buy a Can't Stop the Music 'Shake-It-Shirt!!!!*' LMAO! Judging from the picture, apparently Red Bull isn't the only thing that can give you wiiiings! A nice, hot curling iron will get the job done nicely, too. *If you've seen the movie then you know there is a musical sequence to a song called 'Milkshake.'

I remember having the ViewMaster reels for this movie. Naturally, growing up gay, all I remember about the movie were the musclemen in the Y.M.C.A. musical number and another not-so-key scene at an audition. I bought the DVD when it came out a few years ago and it is SOOOO bad, but it's still a lot of fun to watch, simply because it IS so bad.


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