Friday, September 29, 2006

Recent DVD Purchases

The Star Wars Trilogy
Comments: With the release of the original Star Wars trilogy (sans the shitacular CGI "special" effects), came a bevy of premiums being offered by just about every large chain store that was selling it: Wal-Mart offered mini reproductions of the Star Wars comic books with each DVD...Circuit City was offering lithographs with each DVD...Fry's Electronics was offering lithograph posters and Best Buy was offering the commemorative tin that contained all three movies. I went with the tin for 2 reasons: [1] It looks so cool! and [2] I need something to hold all my old Star Wars action figures (instead of that old shaving kit box they were sitting in, from the 70's).

I'm not a mondo Star Wars fan, but I do like the movies and, for me, it's more about the memories of the pop culture phenomenon. However, though not a hyperfan, I refused to salivate at the first release, which Lucas claimed was going to be the only release (the late 90's editions with the shitball CGI added). I was content to hold onto my old Star Wars VHS boxset. So, I was happy to see that this set offered the original versions.
Saturday Night Live Halloween
Best of Bowie
The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection
Comments: This is the Best Buy exclusive I blogged about last weekend.
The Dick Tracy Show: The Complete Series
Dead End
School of Life
Comments: I love Ryan Reynolds to death. Hell, I bought the new Amityville remake on DVD for Christ's sake, so I must like him. However, just because he's dreamy doesn't mean that he doesn't do some shitball movies (Just Friends, Waiting). This was one of those movies. Sure, he looks hot, but there's a reason very few people have even heard of this movies, besides the fact that it was obviously a made for "Family" TV-movie. This movie is as schmaltzy as it gets, people! Wow. Just wow. Here's just a few of the things about this movie that made me cringe:
• The horrible pasted-on head/Photochopped coverart of the DVD
• The fact that the main character is utterly revolting, yet is married to some "hot" chick...yeah, whatever
• The heavy-handed "you never how much time you have," up-with-life plot
• The dialogue. Example: Some "hot" junior high girl for whom the dorky principal's son has a hard-on for, tells him, after his father says something "deep" at lunch: "You're old man's alright." Wha? Yeah, teenage Britney-wannabes, like say that all the time. Oy vey
Haunted Honeymoon
Amityville II: The Possession
Comments: Always loved this movie. Always creeped me out. Plus, the chick from Better Off Dead ("Monique") is in it.
MAC and Me
Comments: OMG, this is one of my guilty-pleasures. One of those so-bad-it's-good movies. This movie SO wants to be the poor-man's E.T.. It's hilarious! Also, big bonus: The DVD contains the original movie trailer with Ronald McDonald. Sooooo bad. A must-have.
Fear Chamber
Shock Treatment
Comments: WARNING: This movie contains extremely addictive musical sequences. You may find yourself singing these songs days, even weeks after just one viewing.
Comments: Chaz Palminteri's directorial debut. First off, I've always had a thing for Chaz and secondly, I just saw the trailer for this movie and ordered it on Amazon. Apparently it completely tanked at the box office and therefore is super-cheap. Looks good to me, one of those cry-like-a-baby/feel-good movies. I'm ready!
Strange Days
Comments: God, so many actors/actresses that I like are in this movie. I'd almost forgotten about it. I say almost because I'll NEVER forget one of the scenes from the film that scarred me for life: A fight scene where during the process, a glass coffee table top is broken and one of the combatants grabs the other by the hair and rakes his throat against the broken edge of the table. ACK! Aaaaiiiiggghh! Nightmares!
Comments: YESSS! I finally got to see this damn movie! It's one of those movies that didn't last long at the theater (bad PR) and was ONLY available to rent at Blockbuster, where I refuse to rent...but not refuse to shop at their TENT SALE!! Yes, folks, I got this baby at a tent sale for $4. Sweet. And know what? I liked it!
Son of Samson/Son of Cleopatra
Comments: Mark Forest. 'nuff said. PERFECTION.
Basic Instinct 2
Comments: I was pleasantly surprised by this visually-stunning lil' thriller. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL looking film, + the suspense is on par as well. Sharon, she's okay. She's trying WAY too hard to be "sinister" though. Hammy.
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
The Poseidon Adventure
Path of Evil
Comments: OMG, this movie suuuuuuuuucked. It so wants to be Halloween. Stinky. This one's getting traded in.
Good Neighbors: The Complete Series
Comments: I love this show. Penelope Keith can do no wrong. She just can't.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 3
Comments: Finally! I found season 3 [1] Used and [2] For a price I was willing to pay. Can't wait to begin where Season 2 leave off!
Charlie's Angels: Season 1
Comments: I'm addicted. ADDICTED, I tells ya! I love Sabrina.
Home Movies: Season 4


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