Wednesday, September 13, 2006

3 Degrees of Desperation [Part 2 of 4]

Okay, you know how they say hindsight is 20/20? It's true. Ironically, if I'd taken my own advice and stayed out of other people's business I wouldn't be involved in the drama that has now unleashed itself upon me.

Yes, I opened my big mouth. I know, I know! Honestly though, I didn't think it was going to turn into the full-blown drama that it has. I remember someone saying once that if there's nothing positive to be gained from repeating something, don't repeat it. It's totally true. I was stupid and mentioned the whole food drama talk me and Ms. Fossil had previously that day. I didn't repeat all of it, just the part about her acting all exhausted from her alleged cooking marathon. Lolita laughs and goes on to tell me the TRUTH behind the whole food drama:
[1] Ms. Fossil asked Lolita if she would eat cupcakes is she made them. Lolita told her 'no' because she has a sweet tooth and she knows she will eat them all if she makes them. Ms. Fossil makes them anyway, then is upset when Lolita won't eat one.
[2] The "meatloaf" was 5 inches in diameter. I suspected as much, after seeing Ms. Fossil's idea of a portion and what a tightwad she is.
[3] She made the shrimp and linguini TWICE...for herself (Ms. F). LOL! Lolita doesn't even like shrimp and has told her that.

Lolita was peeved, but not all that surprised that she was not exempt to the bullshit Ms. Fossil likes to perpetuate. I told her not to repeat what I told her, she said she wouldn't.

The next day, Lolita calls me and tells me that after she got off the phone with me that Ms. Fossil asked her who she was talking to. She told her that she was talking to me and that Ms. Fossil immediately got snippy and said "I think you two spend way too much time together!" Lolita asked her where that came from. Totally out of left field. In reality, Ms. Fossil knew she'd said some bullshit and was afraid it'd come back to bite her in the ass and she was feeling threatened by the fact that Lolita had been talking to someone who could blow her facade. That also explained why she rushed Lolita the moment she came home, lavishing her with praise and love (completely out of character for her) and sat next to her on the bed telling Lolita how much she enjoyed having her there and how she was absolutely no trouble at all. Two-faced ol' peanutmonkey. luck would have it, the next three days conspired to add to the drama, inadvertently. Lolita's mom asked her to go to dinner that night, so she did, ended up staying late and spent the night at her mom's. Needless to say, she didn't eat dinner at Ms. Fossil's. She also left 30 minutes earlier that morning to go to work. In addition, she went to a wedding, went out to eat late that night and didn't eat dinner (again) at her grandmother's. This all conspired to make Ms. Fossil assume Lolita was mad at her for some reason. So, she comes to Lolita early the next morning and apologizes to her, telling her she didn't mean to say anything she said to her. She guessed she was "just jealous" or something. Fuckin' DUH! Being accustomed to her grandmother runnng hot & cold, Lolita accepted her apology and told her she wasn't mad at her.

This behavior teamed with the "now or never" eating schedule that Ms. Fossil doesn't seem to be willing to compromise (7am-Breakfast/12pm-Lunch/6pm-Dinner), and not being hungry at those exact moments, not to mention not necessarily being a 3 meals a day person, Lolita opts to eat when she gets ready and to turn the tables on Ms. Martyr, er I mean Ms. Fossil and give her a dose of her own medicine. Example: Ms. Fossil likes to say shit to Lolita like: "I'll go in here and eat my cereal because it's loud when I eat and I know you don't want to hear that." -or- "I'll go sit in the other room because I know you don't want me around all the time." Lolita used to play right into it and say stuff like "Oh Grandma, I dunno why you say such things. I love you...blah blah blah ." Mission accomplished. Score one for Ms. Fossil. NOW Lolita was saying "okay." to these attempts at sympathy/attention. She didn't have much to say and was content spending her free time confined to her bedroom. Deservedly, it was driving Ms. Fossil mad and she was about to take matters into her own hands...


Blogger Dave2 said...


Wednesday, September 13, 2006 3:50:00 AM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

Tune in tomorrow! The itshay itshay the anfay. oy vey ;)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 4:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Cheryl said...

Hey waitaminute..if Lolita's mom lives in town, why is Lolita staying with Gramma From Hell?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 7:51:00 AM  
Blogger Mon said...

poor lolita. is she saving money to get the hell out of there?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 10:22:00 AM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

Ohhoho...good question grasshoppa. It requires a lonnnnnng answer, but here is the Cliffs Notes version:
[1] Lolita's mom actually lives in a nearby city
[2] Lolita can't stand her mom's new husband (#3, I think)
[3] Lolita's mom has literally taken it upon herself to be the surrogate mother of her hubbie's druggie teenage daughter's 2 year old kid.
[4] Lolita's mom is in one of those fucked up situations that everyone else can see that the solution is "GTFO of there" but instead opts to remain in a bad situation and whine about it to everyone else.
[5] Basically, it's actually even more stress and drama than Lolita has to endure staying with grandma.

And that's just the tip of the iceburg. When I said soap opera, I meant it.

She is totally saving money to get the hell outta Dodge, and at a much faster and more determined rate. I just hope she sticks with it. The sooner sher gets away from that manipulative old woman the better!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 11:19:00 AM  

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