Friday, October 21, 2005

Belated Birthday Blog

I celebrated a birthday at the end of September, so I thought I'd share with you (not unlike last year's blog post) what I received for my birthday. Since I know me better than anyone, I do what I call self-induced birthdaying. Wheee! But seriously, I've always enjoyed buying my own gifts. If I don't do it, who will? It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. I'm showing you my loot not to be boastful, just more as an insight. Besides, this post is, in a way, replacing my usual "Recent DVD Purchases" post.

[1] Nip/Tuck: Season 2 DVD boxset

[2] The Hammer Horror Series DVD boxset

[3] The Bela Lugosi Collection DVD boxset

[4] Birth DVD (I have got to blog about this film at a later date. If I forget, remind me.)

[5] Girls Nite Out DVD

[6] A Very Long Engagement DVD

[7] Tanner on Tanner DVD

[8] Undergrads: The Complete First Season DVD boxset

[9] SNL: The Best of Gilda Radner DVD

[10] Malevolence DVD

[11] Lil' Creepers DVD
I stumbled across this cute little animated DVD while at the dollar store. The animation isn't the best, but I've seen worse. Besides, how could I resist a cartoon with little kid versions of classic horror monsters: Vinnie (werewolf), Bela (vampire), Boris (Frankenstein), etc. Cute!

[12] My friend Sarah sent me this wonderful Smoking Baby (among other things). I've always wanted one, so I was super psyched when I opened it! You can read more about the Smoking Baby here.

[13] I found this wonderful replica of a vintage vacuum tube radio at Walgreen's of all places! And it was just $9! Looks great in my kitchen.

[14] Yes, I am admitted coloring book enthusiast. I still enjoy coloring books and crayons et al. I found this great Pink Panther coloring book at the dollar store.

[15] Hot Stuff Giant Magnet. I love the old Harvey cartoons, so when I saw this at Half Price Books for $2, I knew I had to have it. They had Casper too! I should have gotten that one for my mailbox...I may have to go back.

[16] My friend Sarah came through again with this AWESOME interactive What Would a Unicorn Do? folder. If you are ever in doubt as to what to do, just spin the unicorn on the cover and it will pint the way to bliss.

[17] I found this great stick candy at a new grocery store nearby. It's fresh too, believe it or not! There's just something about the sound of stick candy clinking against each other that I love. They also had some other old favorites I hadn't seen in YEARS: Bridge Mix, Horehound and Sen-Sen! Just because they're not from my generation doesn't mean I don't remember them. Me likee the Horehound!

[18] My friend Mariana sent me a wonderfully-decorated box (*see photo in first paragraph) box of assorted Kinder Egg toys, and lots of other goodies. She also burned me a great CD-R of over 200 retro-vintage magazine ads for various foods. I'll be sharing my favorites at a later date. TOO cool!

[19] My friend Derik bought me this great new board game called Spinergy. I can't wait to play it!

[20] I instantly fell in love with this giant novelty matchstick lighter. I bought two. Perfect for all those candles on Halloween night and for lighting the gas stove in the bathroom this Winter!

[21] My friend Derik gave me this great Halloween gift card from Target. It's one of those magic tilt-type cards, where when you tilt it one way it's a vampire, then when you tilt it another way it's a bat. I forgot the actual term, but you know what I mean...God, it's going to drive me crazy now.


Blogger Mariana said...

I loved that link to They have so much great stuff! I especially liked the devil ducks and black cat.

Friday, October 21, 2005 5:08:00 AM  
Anonymous TarsierJungle Reader said...

[21] lenticular is the word you are looking for.

Friday, October 21, 2005 7:45:00 AM  
Blogger nccountry said...

I haven't seen all the episodes of nip tuck but i think its a good show. I saw the episode where there was this woman and she had gotten so big that she didn't get off her couch for like 3 years and she used the bathroom on it and everything. She was basically stuck to the couch! That episode was very interesting. (I deleted the first comment cause i can't spell!)lol!

Friday, October 21, 2005 9:15:00 AM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

I'm glad you liked Accoutrements. They do have some really great stuff! That's why I've had them in my 'Shopping' links for so long. Their stuff is so much fun, you can't help but find something you like.

I've always wanted one of those devil ducks, I've just never gotten around to getting one. I'll have to check out the black cat, though. Sounds fun. :)

TarsierJungle Reader-
Lenticular...I'll have to look that one up. Actually, the word I was thinking of was "Flicker Card." That's what those little cards are called that "move" when you tilt them. I couldn't think of it when I was writing the post, but for some reason when I saw the word "lenticular," the word "flicker" popped into my head. I looked it up and yep, that's what I was looking for.

Thanks for your help! :)

I saw that episode too! Bleargh! Fact is always stranger than fiction. It reminds me of a story one of my friends told me once:

My friend Charles used to work for the city morgue. He was one of the people who went to collect the bodies at scenes of crimes, home deaths, etc.

Well, one time he and a colleague had to go retrieve a man who had died in bed...2 weeks ago. Apparently he was so far along in his decay that they couldn't pry him off the bedsheet, and instead, had to roll him up, like a big fetid burrito, in the sheet in order to transport him onto the gurney. Gah! I could never do that job...esp. after some of the stories he told me. No way. I just wouldn't have the stomach for it.

Sunday, October 23, 2005 4:14:00 AM  

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