Monday, March 21, 2005

Keyword Klatch & Link Updates: Vol. 4

Well, it's that time again. Time for me to show you the latest list of keywords people have typed into various search engines, that have led them to my little slice of the Internet: My So-Called Strife. This month's favorite keyword searches:

• alain delon balloons (Huh?)
• monkey robot humping rabbit pancake head kitten
• ready to take a chance again manilow lyrics sound bite (I love that song!)
• joy gohring (I miss her and her defunct show 'Good Girls Don't...')
• aids lesions pictures (When I blogged about AIDS recently, I was shocked at how few images of lesions I could find, not to mention how very few images I could find of Americans with the virus)
• goldfish suppositories, gay (WTF?)
• amber hagerman autopsy photos (Again, WTF?)
• christopher knight pecs (*See photo below)
• noah blake shirtless (God, I'd love to see that too! ALWAYS thought he was so damn HOT. FYI: He's Robert Blake's son.)

Since Christopher Knight's pecs seem to be on everyone's mind, I've decided to grace today's entry with a still from the fourth season of The Surreal Life. I know I initially wrote that I thought he was super dreamy, and I still do. However, as the show progresses I see that he's one of his biggest fans. Click the list below to enlarge it.

New Links Added:

-Piero Fornasetti
-Vice Versa [Italian site]

-Athletic Briefs
-Muscle Memory: Bodybuilder Database
-The Muscle Gallery
-Rinaldi Fabrice [French site]

Blog Resources

Books & Magazines
-Books-Under-Cover: Flexible vinyl book covers & sleeves
-HUGE Magazine (Be sure and check out their desktops and thrift store art gallery!)

-Vin Diesel

Food International food source

Fun 'N Games
-Guess The Movie Game

Fun Stuff
-The Wacky Packages Page

Lounge Life
-Exotica! The Music of Martin Denny
-Hip Wax
-The Temple of Martin Denny

Movies & Television
-Bob & David
-Film Posters
-Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension
-VCI Entertainment

-Dana's Virtual Museum of Unusual LP Cover Art
-Museum of Bad Album Covers

-Dr. Menlo

-Al Capone Cigarillos
-My Space
-Take my quiz!

Pop Culture
-PopCult Magazine
-The Sneeze

-Phone Spell- What does your phone number spell?

Time Machine
-Retro- The 50's-90's
-Retro Lounge

-Anything But Candy
-An Alchemist Lounge
-Metaphor Secrets
-Uncommon Squalor

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-Big Top [Daily comic strip]
-Napoleon Dynamite [Movie homepage]


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