Monday, January 03, 2005

Guys Gone Filed: Vol. III

Well, here they are: all the cute guys I've taken pictures of from last year. You'll notice that a lot of the pictures are just of their backs/butts. Trust me, when I say I am not particularly a butt enthusiast. I'm much more into the face and/or upper bod. But mostly the face. Bods come and go. A cute face lasts a lifetime. The reason I have so many pictures of backs/butts is because sometimes due to time constraints, camera memory, surveillance cameras, etc. I am unable to get a face shot. It may sound weird, but even though YOU can't see the faces, I can still remember them.
I've listed where the picture was taken and in some cases, comments. And for those interested in seeing Guys Gone Filed Vol. I & II, click their prospective hyperlinks. Enjoy!

Half Price Books
Comments: Too cute. Love the cap/glasses combo.
Comments: Baseball caps are big in Texas. I used to detest them, I've since learned to tolerate them.
Half Price Books
Half Price Books
Comments: This guy was so beefy and cute. Naturally, his girlfriend looked like another Brittany wannabe. What is it about blonde girls with ponytails? I don't get it.
Burlington Coat Factory
Comments: This guy apparently was an EMT. His friend was a total geek, but he had a fuckin' dynamite bod. Ass is actually not too bad either.
Tom Thumb
Comments: Very cute. Little too much eyebrow. I do NOT dig jewelry on men (i.e. the bracelet and/or puka shell necklace thang). Cute, but probably jailbait.
Comments: SO beefy and cute. I normally do NOT dig blondes, but this one was cute.
Shamrock gas station
Comments: God, I so wanted to jump across the hood of that car and pin this guy to the ground. Hot bid. Cute face. Very "macho." Love the widow's peak and the fact that his shirt was so tight you could see his nipples. Baby, it's cold outside!
Best Buy
Comments: I call this guy "beefy Ben Affleck." He looked so much like him, but actually has some meat on his bones. His wife was a real shipwreck. What's THAT about?
Public Library
Comments: Cutie guy at the public library. Visually he doesn't seem like much, but there's something about his personality that I just love. Plus, he knows stuff, and that's always a plus. The red sleeve you see in the picture belongs to a woman who is a complete and utter moron. I can't imagine how she functions outside of work.
Fry's Electronics
Barnes & Noble
Comments: This was some guy at B&N that I thought was soooo cute. I just wanted to pinch his widdle cheeks. Unfortunately, he was there with what appeared to be his mom. Turn off.
The Post Office
Comments: This guy was one of those guys I refer to as a "From A Distance"-guy. Think that song by Bette Midler. You know, the ones that look good from a distance or from behind... then they turn around and you hear those violin strains from the Psycho theme. Ack!
Comments: I have a sneaking suspicion this guy suspected something. Don't really care. He's what I call a Senior Hunk. Sure, he qualifies for social security, but he was still hot. Great bod. Blurry picture.
Best Buy
Comments: I have such a crush on this guy. He's got such great pecs/biceps, nose, ass, etc. Too bad he's hean't heard of symmetry. Don't you hate it when guys have hot upper bods, then their legs look like they've been wheelchair-bound for years? An unfortunate, but not uncommon male ego affliction.
Stop light
Comments: Though YOU can't see this guy's face, he was SO cute. It was one of those situation where I wish I didn't have any tact and could act out like my mind wants me to. Just go sit next to him with my meal and go "Hi!" then proceed to read the newspaper, while resting my hand on his thigh. Sigh. I must admit the the whole earring thing was a little too Backstreet Boys for my tastes (remember my "no man-jewelry" rule?), but then the face made up for it, so I guess I could live with that.
Fry's Electronics
Comments: More jailbait. Great bod, though.
Fry's Electronics
Comments: Dream date. Dark, not-so-tall, and handsome. ROWR!
Kountry Kitchen
Comments: Baaaad picture, but the only one that remotely came out. Like I mentioned before, I can remember what he looked like and he was what I call a Hunky Nerd. Nice bod, glasses, kinda dorky. Cute!
Tom Thumb
Comments: Sigh... I saved the best (and most recent) for last. This guy is my second favorite, next to the Ben Affleck lookalike. Nothing that special about his bod (or most of these guy's bods, for that matter), but his face was just too cute. Plus, he was a brunette and had a terrific nose and eyes. I wouldn't cry if he lost the cap, though.


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