Thursday, December 30, 2004

Boxing Movies

*Today's collage is quite large, so please be patient while it loads

I love boxing movies, so I've created a collage of some of my favorite boxing images. I'm not sure what it is about boxing movies, but I've yet to see one that I didn't like something about. I prefer the boxers from the golden age of boxing: Gene Tunney, Rocky Marciano, Jack Dempsey and Billy Conn, though I have to admit I am partial to Marciano and Conn. I'm not that enamored with today's "boxers." They lack that certain je ne sais quoi.

For those interested in some great boxing films, here's my list of favorites in order of preference:

The Milky Way. 1936
Comments: My all-time favorite Harold Lloyd movie. It's now available on DVD, finally!
Rocco and His Brothers. 1960
Comments: Alain Delon looking like an Italian James Dean. Both he and the film are gorgeous.
Somebody Up There Likes Me. 1956
Comments: Paul Newman looking beautiful as ever. Wish this one would be released to DVD.
Rocky Marciano. 1999
Comments: A really great movie. Jon Favreau looks fuckin' AMAZING. Coming to DVD Feb. 8th of 2005! I am SO there.
Gladiator. 1992
Comments: James Marshall is beyond beautiful in this very 90's movie.
Golden Boy. 1939
Police Call. 1933
Body And Soul. 1947
The Boxer. 1997
Comments: Though I am not a big fan of Daniel Day-Lewis, this is a good, underrated film.

And for those who are undoubtedly saying to themselves "What? No Stallone? No Rocky?" Yeeees, I like that one too, but to be honest, it's not one of my favorites. The ones listed above have it beat (no pun intended).


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