Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Clipping Palooza Vol. 2

Growing up, the only sections I ever read in the newspaper were the comics and Dear Abby.

Now that I'm older, I pretty much read the majority of the paper, sans the Sports and Business sections, which are pretty much the equivalent of Nytol.

And that's when I discovered the missing links on the editorials page; AKA the 'Letters to the Editor' section. Wow. Sometimes there are some great, eloquent letters and sometimes there are some real corncobs, like this guy:

First off, when it comes to this administration and the way they handle things, there's nothing "simple" about it. Secondly, I agree that a "cover-up" was probably never intended. Not that I'd put it past this administration, but because there were just too many people involved in such a rural setting. I also agree, to an extent, that the media was peeved because they weren't the first to know about it. However, I must admit that I find the whole timeline (regarding when the incident actually took place, compared to when it was actually reported to local authorities) somewhat suspicious.

I also find it disturbingly arrogant (yet totally characteristic) and obnoxious that Cheney never apologized, insisting that shooting his friend was "the worst day" in his (re: Cheney's) life, with no mention of remorse or, as I mentioned in a previous post, so much as an apology!!! And to make things even more surreal, the victim (Harry Whittington) is the one who actually ended up apologizing! WTF is THAT about? Insanity.

With that said, let me assure you, not all people who live in Texas are as big a hillbilly as the "true Texan" (LOL!) author of this letter, Jay H. Miller. I love how The Right Wing fanatics love to preface implied putdowns with "true" {read 'real'} (i.e. TRUE American, TRUE Patriot, TRUE Texan), like that's some kind of ultimate insult. Why don't you call 'em 'fat' or a 'commie' while you're at it? {insert eye roll here} That's fresh. I also find it ironic that someone like this is getting up on their pedestal about "hate and bias." LOL! Is he kidding with that? Just more proof that there's no room for logic or objectivity when it comes to The Right.

Jay obviously is more concerned with showing us all how big his machismo is, instead of his brain, which, judging from this letter, went South some time ago. I'm certain he doesn't even realize what a big ol' hick he comes off looking like. I'd laugh if it weren't so sad.


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