Monday, February 20, 2006

Estate Sale 2

[1] In one of the bedrooms there were three of the old Planter's Peanuts glass jars and each of them had misc. things in them. I bought the one filled with these little miniature goodies:

• 2 2-liter Pepsi bottles
• 3 cans of evaporated milk
• 3 cans of tuna
• 1 box of Lipton tea bags
• 1 roll of pink Scott paper towels
• 3 cans of Del Monte fruit cocktail
• 1 box of Domino sugar
• 1 box of Nabisco Ritz crackers
• 1 box of Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper (lasagna-flavor!)
• 1 box of Nabisco vanilla wafers
• 1 box of Ralston-Purina Freakies cereal (how kickass is that!!?)
• 1 box of Sun Maid raisins
And last, but not least
• 1 box of cake flour

I get such a kick outta these! The little roll of paper towels actually comes in a miniature paper wrapper and there is actually a mini roll of pink paper towels inside! Also, the detail on each is so great. They are completely designed to look like the real thing, down to the smallest detail. There are even cereal prize pictures 'n stuff on the back of the box of Freakies! Like I was pointing out to one of my friends, it's kinda rare to find these made with actual brand names on them. Nowadays they don't do that because they have to pay royalties. ($3)

[2] Meet Whitetrash Bobcat! The perfect compliment to any decor! Handcrafted in Mexico out of authentic plaster, the attention to detail is breathtaking! Did I hear a purr? ($20) *I did not buy this shitbomb...however some people were actually debating about whether to buy it or not, intensely giving it the once-over. WTF?

[3] I sooo wanted to buy these kickass water skis, but I have zero use for them. I just thought it was cool that they were made of wood and had such a groovy design on them. ($12)

[4] Though one of my friends has at-ti-tude when it comes to synthetic fabrics, not to mention used bedding in general, personally, I love and miss these types of blankets, so that's why I bought it. So nyah! Besides, that's why God invented washing machines (in actuality, a man named James King invented the first washing machine, but we'll let God have this one anyway). Duh! These types of blankets used to be popular in the 70's (satin-esque fabric at the top/bottom, fuzzy, comfy synthetic fabric on the rest). I remember having a yellow one! Snuggle-y! ($4)

[5] Walking into this bedroom made me feel like I'd walked into the past. Had a strange vibe. Like it's once been a teen's room. Maybe I was trying too hard to put a face with the other retro girlie goodies (yellow ochre-colored record player with handle, Fisher Price schoolhouse, etc.). At any rate, as boring as it is, I just felt like taking this picture.


Blogger MentalMick said...

I had forgotten about Freakies till I came across some of them being sold on Ebay today. I ended up buying my favorite one, the little crab-guy, that I loved when I was perhaps 10 years old. I hope that spending 15 bucks for this nugget of my distant past will bring a crashing flood of memories forth, I did love the little guy way back when....

Sunday, March 12, 2006 10:18:00 PM  

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