Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The WB is for Lovers...Lovers' Lane

Tonight on the WB's television show Supernatural, they'll be airing an episode called "Hook Man," based on one of my all-time favorite urban legends. The show has consistently delivered the scares, and the previews for this episode looks very creepy...just in time for Halloween! Here's a synopsis of the episode:

When a mythical, vengeful creature terrorizes a small college town in Iowa, Sam and Dean race to find and destroy the Hook Man's bones before he comes for them.

For those who may have been living under a rock for the last 5 decades or so or are simply unfamiliar with American folklore, here's the story:

A teenager drove his date to Lovers' Lane for a make-out session before it was time to take her home. The place was very dark and deserted. After turning on the radio for a bit of mood music, he leaned over and began kissing her.

Suddenly the music stopped and an announcer's voice came on, warning in an urgent tone that a convicted murderer had just escaped from the state insane asylum — which happened to be nearby — and that anyone who noticed a stranger lurking about with a hook in place of his right hand should report his whereabouts to the police immediately.

The girl was frightened and asked to be taken home. Instead, the boy locked all the doors and assured her they were safe and tried to kiss her again. She became frantic and pushed him away, insisting that they leave. Peevishly, he relented, jerking the car into gear and spinning the wheels of the car as he pulled out of the parking space.

When they arrived at her house she got out of the car, and, reaching to close the door, began to scream uncontrollably. The boy ran around to her side to see what was wrong and there, dangling from the door handle, was a bloody hook.

There are several variations, which you can read about here and here.

So watch it tonight, or better yet, TiVo it and save it for Halloween night! Supernatural airs on the WB network at 8PM*

*(Check local listings for time and channel)


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