Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Of Lawn Jockeys and Space Monkeys

Well, here is a load of pictures I have taken over the last few weeks. As usual, they are totally random, so here goes:

[1] Assorted Christmas ornaments at Target
[2] A picture of a walrus from the Compton Yearbook © 1961 (you can find them on Amazon for around 3-12 dollars). I bought it for 50¢ at a local flea market recently
[3] Vintage angel Christmas tree topper at the same flea market
[4] One of the vintage Christmas cards I bought at the flea market
[5] A great old sign near a local thrift store
[6] Fall finally comes to Texas...2 months late
[7] Elmer's new concept in 'bling,' Galactic Glitter glue
[8] The lawn jockey in Ms. Fossil's backyard. She had one of the original ones, I'd guess circa 50's, but it was damaged during a storm or something and was broken into pieces. So she bought this one new, unpainted and painted it herself. Oy
[9] This was both odd and sorta creepy. Someone abandoned this poor guy under a street lamp on a lonely road near my house. This is a recent picture (like within the last 2 days), and the jack o'lantern still looks Halloween fresh. No signs of decomposition. Strange.
[10] This is Ingemar Johansson, a boxer popular in the late 50's to early 60's. I just think he is so handsome. Another picture from the Compton Yearbook.
[11] A house in a nearby small town that is being renovated to be made into a bed & breakfast.
[12] One of the booths at the flea market I went to. The guy whom the booth belongs to, always has his stuff set up in a very visually-appealing way. Consciously or not, it's always interesting in its' eclecticism. He has a real eye for the unusual and kitschy.
[13] "Monkey in space suit" reads the caption for this photo and one of the main reasons I bought the book (see #2). She looks like she's dressed like a hoagie. LOL!
[14] This was the inside of a closet at an estate sale I went to. It was an older home and had lots of interesting little design elements I found interesting.
[15] In my hometown there is a box factory that has been around for decades and it's only open to the public once a year, around Christmastime. I love going there because it makes me feel like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and bcause you can buy huge sheets of wrapping paper for 10¢ and they have tons of great boxes ranging from 5¢-$2! These are some of the boxes they make.
[16] Another picture from the kitschalicious booth at the flea market. Love the cup full of spoons. Great colors. (*see #12)
[17/18] This is Petey. Well, I don't know what her name is, but I like to think it's Petey. She was one of the cuties at the local pet store. I wanted to hug her and squeeze her and take her home for a nap. Unfortunately I didn't have the ransom they wanted for her. Just look at that pouty lil' face!
[19] Another picture from the aforementioned book. For some reason this one made me laugh. I guess because this woman seems to be mesmerized by this gas incinerator. Yeah, be sure and stick your face right in there, idiot.
[20] Racks of the assorted wrapping papers from the box factory.
[21] This was the toilet from the estate sale I mentioned earlier. I thought the tank was so cute and small. I love the size and shape of it.
[22] Dig this funky ol' Arby's sign near a thrift store in a nearby town. I think it's so great. I love that you can still find stuff like this in the older parts of town. The restaurant is still open too! Great, now I want a roast beef and cheddar with a side of Arby's sauce.
[23] Detail of one of the "brushless" scrubbers in the local carwash. It reminded me of one of the "Fry Guys" from the 80's McDonald's commercials.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, I was in Fort Worth 2 weeks ago for Thanksgiving. We drove from Azle (w00t!) to downtown Ft. Worth everyday. That Rocket sign? Is it the one on Jacksboro Hwy? Because I remember it from my childhood and I was sad that it was now a muffler repair shop.

Thursday, December 07, 2006 12:54:00 PM  
Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

Loved the puppy~~~

Friday, December 08, 2006 12:41:00 AM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

Ms. Q-
You are correct, ma'am! (My Ed McMahon impression) Yep, I took it while en route to some nearby thrift stores. That's also the same stretch of freeway that the Arby's sign (pictured) is from! Lots of great stuff around that area. And I agree, it is sad that it's being underappreciated as a muffler shop now. Such a great building/sign.

Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it! :)

Doesn't she have the sweetest little pouty face? And those pink little paws. I think she was worn out from all the requests from customers to come out and play. What a cutie-face!

Thanks for commenting :)

Friday, December 08, 2006 5:30:00 AM  

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