Thursday, October 27, 2005

Holy Spongecake, Batman!

Batman: The mummy has captured the professor and his beautiful daughter!
Robin: Great Cheops!
Batman: They violated the tomb of his ancestors and he wants revenge!
The Mummy: I'll roll this two-ton stone...they'll never get out alive!
Robin: Even my special mummy ray gun won't stop him...
Batman: Well, after all, you can't kill a mummy!
Robin: Right...he's already dead! What'll we do?
Batman: We've got to have a secret weapon...I've got it!
Robin: What is it? We've got to act fast!
Batman: We'll lure him away with an offer he can't resist!
Robin: Seems I've heard that somewhere before. What's that?
Batman: M-m-m! Delicious Hostess Twinkies! I can't resist that moist sponge cake and creamy filling!
Robin: Here he comes!
The Mummy: M-m-m! I've been around for 2000 years and I've never tasted anything so good!
The Professor: Now's our chance to escape! Let's go!
The Professor: Gee! Thanks Batman and Robin!
The Professor's Beautiful Daughter: For these delicious Hostess Twinkies! Mmm-
Announcer: You get a big delight in every bite of Hostess Twinkies!


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