Thursday, October 13, 2005

Kentucky Fried Chicken Does (Chicken Fried) Steak Right!

I was going to mention this yesterday, but I got busy and forgot.

Kentucky Fried Chicken ("KFC" to those hipsters on the go out there who just don't have the kind of time it takes to say "Kentucky Fried Chicken") is currently offering up chicken fried steak dinners on Wednesdays (and only on Wednesday) for just $1.99! And let me tell ya, they are friggin' awesome! I'm normally not a big chicken fried steak fan, but with the Colonel's delicious secret recipe batter, anything is delicious! Plus, where else can you get chicken fried steak, a biscuit, mashed potatoes and coleslaw all for just $1.99? Insane! But, since I am not a big fan of either gravy or coleslaw, I opt for no gravy and double mashed potaters. Mmmm! Boy howdy! Check it out if you get the chance. It's a great value.


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