Thursday, December 01, 2005

80's Book Memories - Vol. 2: Dark Forces Series

As promised, here is Part 2 of my 80's Book Memories series of posts: The Dark Forces young adult series of paperbacks.

For those who may have missed Part 1, here's the original synopsis I gave to this series of books: Tagline: "The time is now...The battle is between Good and Evil...And the place? It could be your high school..." The Dark Forces series consisted of 15 (as far as I know) different stories. Each book offering a tale of the supernatural and/or black arts.

Again, I love the cover art. Isn't it great? I'd seriously love to have prints of these to frame. I especially love the covers on Swamp Witch, The Ashton Horror and Devil Wind. And I guarantee you one thing, you'd never see a teen series with covers like these today. OMG, can you imagine? The family police would be all over it. You think they wouldn't pitch a fit over the cover of The Charming? What with the goblet overflowing with blood and all. Cries of "Corruption! would be heard 'round the world! I'm so thankful I grew up in the time period that I did.

I recently started ordering old copies via and eBay. Harder to track down than you might think, I'm pleased to say that my most recent additions; The Bargain (part of a "lot" of books offered on eBay {I had the 2 other titles already}), arrived earlier this week. The one glaring drawback I've recently been made aware of, when ordering via, is that you don't know if the item is coming from a smoke-free environment. At least on eBay most sellers offer that information in their description or you can ask them with relative ease. Not so on

Now I'm not one of these high-maintenance people who gets the vapors when things aren't just so when it comes to buying used merchandise, but let me put it this way: I smelled these books long before I opened the package. Yeah, they were that odiferous. I recently had a similiar experience with a DVD I bought, also. I can't help but wonder what these people's lungs look like! Damn nicotine and its addictive properties!


Blogger mlndink said...

Thanks again Kirk! I forgot about Dark Forces--Un-natural Talent, Swamp Witch, Devil Wind, and the Magic Show were my favorites. And I used to get those scary books in this decrepit strip center "independent" used bookstore manned by this gargoyle-like chainsmoking, as my boyfriend puts it "Blodgett" lady (imagine her rasping out that word and it fits for some reason). All of her books smelled, hell, were stained yellow (by her, I'm sure). There was hardly anyone ever in her store. And she sold scary (or romance--somehow fitting, the two are interchangeable), mostly paperback books and let me buy them--like Stephen King and god knows what else. Hooray for those books during our preadolescence!

Saturday, December 03, 2005 12:23:00 AM  
Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

All I can say is thank YOU for knowing WTF I am even talking about!! I was hoping more people would...but they didn't.

And speaking of 'independent' book stores, I totally have one just like it down the street from my house! It's called 'The Book Rack' and used to have a sister store in a nearby town, but it closed a few years ago, so now this is the one-and-only Book Rack. I really love going there, because it is very mom & pop. Organized, yet cluttered. It's also in an old strip mall and the store itself is like a maze. Lots of nooks and crannies. Half of the store, dedicated entirely to that romance novel shit. It's INSANE how many women must read those things. Literally hundreds of thousands of them there.

Personally, I just go to check out the comic books, kids section, horror, movie, humor and cook book sections.

And no, the owner doesn't smoke, but she's got some major hair goin' on and a yippy little dog that is perpetually there. He's a cutie, but totally one of those "momma's boys" types. You know, the pet owners who get a little too involved with their pets and when talking to them, refer to themselves as "mommy" and "daddy." "Come give mommy some kisses." Yargh. :P

Thanks again for reminiscing with me, I always love when people share their experiences with me! :D

Saturday, December 03, 2005 2:03:00 PM  

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